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4 Great Adventures for Solo Travelers

We all need some quality alone time once in a while. However, rarely do we consider traveling to distant lands all by ourselves because vacationing is usually considered to be a group activity. However, there are endless opportunities for those rare occasions when you can take some time out of work to travel – and one of these opportunities is to rejuvenate your wells of energy and seek that inner balance by traveling alone. If you are interested to try this, here are 5 great adventures for solo travelers.

The vibrant oases of Oman


Oman has gained reputation as the friendliest and most welcoming corner of the Arabian Peninsula, which is amazing since its captivating rocky landscapes and vibrant oases are sights to behold. As a solo traveler, you’ll get a chance to follow the steps of the historical legend T. E. Lawrence and meet interesting new people.

Who knows, if you find a cohesive group that clicks, you can band together and go on incredible dust-land adventures once you board a four-wheel-drive to reach captivating beaches and Bedouin villages. Therein lies one of the many beauties of solo travelling – you’re free of the burdens of long-lasting relationships so you can get a chance to forge new ones.

The lush landscapes of India


The Indian subcontinent is an exciting and lush playground for all of those who dare venture into jungles by themselves. This is overrepresentation, of course, but the idea still stands – each and every one of us needs to get acquainted with the culture that is not only incredibly different from our own, but also has a tradition that’s been around for millennia.

Once you go through this experience, you’re bound to reevaluate your own cultural and historical heritage, not to mention the fact that it can broaden your mind. India is an incredibly big and lush country filled with interesting people, a completely different class system than the western one and insanely hectic cities. However, to savor the best out of this country, you’ll need at least two weeks of intensive travelling, but if you are adventurous enough, you’ll be up for the task.

Become a hardened sailor


Have you ever wondered if you could have braved the ocean as a sailor in another life? You can finally answer that question by going on a particularly interesting escapade on the high seas. Head to the awe-inspiring Canary Islands and seek out the graceful Morgenster that boasts an experienced and permanent crew which is happy to take up 24 rookie sailors at most.

Of course, this is not a real “job offer” but a vacation experience that requires you to become a part of the team as a sailor. With patient guidance and not much hard work, you’ll have a lot of time to explore the island shore and enjoy some lazy sunbathing. Make sure you listen to the instructions of your skipper and if this is your first time to sail this way, get a funky Acustrap such as Go Travel that will reduce nausea and make your journey a dream.

The winter magic of Finnish Lapland


One should hold interesting options open all year round, and if you are a naïve connoisseur of winter magic, then Finland is a perfect destination for your solo adventure. Once you finally get to the legendary Lapland, you’ll realize why this enchanting place is dubbed the home of Santa Claus – the pristine white snow, sugar dust charm of pine trees and glassy grace of frozen lakes are like a landscape straight out of the Nutcracker.

Finland is also amazing during the autumn when overwhelmingly warm colors prevail throughout the landscape, and it is “notorious” for being incredibly safe and welcoming to all foreigners – which means it should be on the top of your solo-adventuring list.

Solo adventures are never simply about aimless hedonism. They can have a deep purpose to at least revitalize your body and mind, but these trips can also turn into introspective journeys filled with significance, constructive physical activity, promotion of one’s health and self-actualization. There is something truly remarkable and deeply human about choosing to go into realms unknown all by yourself. The excitement this idea rouses is certainly connected to the call for adventure and the yearning to affirm your identity and integrity.

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