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Experience Made in Melbourne



Visiting and posing for the camera at a tourist spot like the Brighton beach bath boxes and watching the nightfall penguin parade on the Philip Island are activities one must do when in Melbourne. Weather can be cold and windy in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon. One must always prepare a jacket. My favorite time of the year is always the autumn, towards winter season. And also don’t forget to try the scrumptious seafood.

faz melben1

faz melben2

A visit in the city was smooth and easy since the intercity tram was provided free for all. We really do not need any other form of rental transportation to do the city tour. All we need was just fully charged cameras.

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The Take-away Experience

One thing I learn about Melbourne during my trip was that they practice 3 of 8’s. 8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep and 8 hours for everything else. Mostly they are on a bi-weekly payroll. In a week, they will clock in a certain number of hours to fulfill the required hours. Once completed, the rest of the week is at one’s own leisure. A different reference in the average Asian’s working culture. During the weekdays, I don’t really see rush hour crowds like at home. They clock out at 5 in the evening, and most shops are closed at 6 in the evening. Local crowds were as many as tourists on a normal weekday.

The locals are friendly, relaxed people. If you need help, just talk to the one nearest to you. They are sure to help.


The Take-away Keepsakes

When I travel, I will always look for what unique items the place has to offer that is not offered anywhere else in the world. Knowing Melbourne as a developed city, I was skeptic as to will I find something different here. But I take the challenge anyway. I was in the quest of getting a unique one-of-a-kind item of Melbourne.

The best place to find such items, I believe, would be in the Queen Victoria Market. Isles and isles of local and imported items are here for your perusal. Lots of items – clothing, souvenirs, bags, food stalls – are at bargained price. Strolling around, I found a shop which sells name plates. Of course common Western names like Amy, Linda, Bob and David are available, but my name is not. Then I saw a sign which said, they accept custom name plates order. I made a stop and asked the store lady. She then directed me to another lot, on a different section of the market, where I can get my custom made name plate.

With the card in my hand, I went searching for this store. And yes, they do custom name plate, and can be collected within 10 minutes. Yay! While he was setting up the big stencil machine, I decided to make one each for my children. And yes, their names are not common too. They are now my favorite one-of-a-kind keepsakes from Melbourne.

faz name plate

kids name plates


Melbourne quests, completed.

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