Flying for the first time – here are some suggestions which will be helpful

Air travel has become quite common now as it helps in saving time and energy in a big way. However, when one ventures for the maiden flight, there are many things that run inside the mind. Also there are things which need special preparations for the first flight. Like all the ‘firsts’ of life, the first flight experience should also be special.

Here are some excellent suggestions, which will help in making your first flight experience a memorable one:

  • Get all the paperworks ready and proper

Having the right papers and documents is very important for air travel. First time fliers are often quite nervous about the documents and the paperworks that they should carry. If you are traveling internationally, you will need your passport with adequate validity of the same. For instance, if you do not have a passport in Los Angeles, you must apply for the same at the earliest with a reliable Los Angeles passport agency. Again, if your passport is near expiry, make sure to get passport renewal in Los Angeles done at the earliest.

Along with the passport, do not forget to bring your travel insurance documents with you. Whether you are flying domestically or internationally, you can purchase e-tickets, which can be shown on the smartphone or tablet. You will also have a mail with all the details of the flight ticket. Just showing these and some kind of photo identity will be enough for traveling. Once the ticket is scanned at check-in, a boarding pass will be issued. Make sure that you keep the pass safely as that is your access to the plane.

  • Get details about the luggage you can carry

People often get extremely confused as what to carry and what not to carry on their first flight. Do not worry. It happens with everybody. The first thing you must understand when it comes to luggage – understanding the difference between cabin luggage and hand luggage. Know clearly about the items you can and cannot carry in cabin luggage and hand luggage. Also, there are weight restrictions for both the luggage kinds. On crossing that limit, one has to pay extra charges. The charges vary from one airline to another.

  • In the flight

Now that all the processes and procedures are over and you have finally entered the flight, you can relax! You might feel a little nervous, but do not worry, sit back and relax. Before that you have to find your seat in the flight. Your assigned seat will be displayed on the boarding pass. If you have problems in locating the seat, you will be assisted by the cabin crew. They will search the seat, place your belongings safely and make you feel comfortable and relaxed in the best way possible.

  • While preparing for take off

This is probably the most nervous of times for a first time flier. One often thinks as what would happen when the plane takes off, how one would feel and so on. Before the plane takes off, there are some routine processes and procedures that are shown by the flight attendants for all travelers. These are mainly contributed towards onboard safety. It is shown how to tie the seat belt, what are the different lights and what should be done in time of emergency. Once the plane starts moving, you will be able to understand and after 25 seconds, you will be able to feel the lift from the ground. After the plane reaches its permissible altitude, you will be asked to open your seat belts and you can move inside the flight.

If you are still scared and confused regarding your first flight, tell the airlines and the airport and you will be provided all kinds of assistance. The customer service can be provided over the phone or online as per your preference and convenience. Keep the fears and tension aside and get ready for your first time ever flight. Make a memorable event with the journey.


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