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I’ve always noticed that as our parents’ kids, we tend to have a lot of ideas when it comes to Mother’s Day, but not so much on Father’s Day. Like for me, I wouldn’t call my dad a man of little words, because he does talk a lot, but he’s just not very good at expressing what he wants, because he tends to think about what we want more.

So, for people whose dads are like mine, here are some ideas on where to bring him on Father’s Day!



I grew up in a fishing village, so when I was young, fishing was always something my dad would do with us to bond. He loves fishing so much that he said he would retire in a fishing village, and sell fish and crabs to fund his retirement.

Fishing is good, it’s relaxing, because you just have to set up your rods and wait, so you get a lot of time to talk and get to know your dad better. If you really want the kampung experience of fishing, you can head over to Sekinchan Fishing Village. While in the more recent years they have man-made fishing ponds, you can still find natural ponds or rivers to get the full experience.



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While it may sound stereotypical, we have to admit, most dads love playing golf. Compared to their usual work routine, golf is considered much more relaxing, although from past experience, I’d recommend getting sunscreen.

Of course, they are the experts, not us, so instead of going to a golfing, you could bring them to a driving range, where you can let them teach you how to play. Trust me, most dads love being able to teach their kids something. Here are some of the driving range you can go to.

Museums or Galleries


I’m not sure about the general, but my dad just loves history. He likes to read and find out more about each country’s history, and would randomly give us some trivia when we would eat as a family. He just loves to get more information so he can tell stories. I guess he’s preparing to be a grandpa.

Although locals may not get too excited, travellers do come to Malaysia and visit museums. It’s a nice place to get to know people, because you have something to talk about and you get to know their point of view on things. I’d highly recommend the National Museum, or the National Visual Arts Gallery.



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Go-kart is probably the only way you get to drive with your dad without him having a heart attack. It can be really fun, and you get to talk about all the fun you had after the session, which also makes for a good bonding moment.

For an outdoor version, you can try KartX, which is located in Subang. If you want a different experience, Blastacars is a good choice. They have 3 different ranges of cars, where the more expert versions are made so you can drift within the indoor circuit.

Homestay Barbecue Trips


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Something my dad insist on having every time we go back home is to have an open barbecue session, where we invite our neighbour and relatives over. My dad just loves to barbecue, and since we only go back home 3-4 times a year, it has become a thing.

Of course, not all homes allow for barbecue, so bringing your family to a home holiday where barbecue is allowed can be really great. Cameron Highlands would be the best place for that, because you can get fresh produce and just bring back to your accommodation to grill. If you’re like me and can’t decide what to buy, you can go to The Lakehouse, where they provide a full menu that you can barbecue yourself.

Family Paintball


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When we were younger, we probably got a scolding, or even a beating from our dads quite a bit. So why not use Father’s Day as an occasion to get him back? (Just kidding) Although I would say that shooting a ball of paint towards my dad did give me a sense of accomplishment.

There are quite a few paintball fields in the Klang Valley that you can try, like Paintball Valley Malaysia in Selayang, Mudtrekkerz Paintball in Shah Alam, or Paintball Tag in KL. Not only will it help you bond, it will also help both you and your dad release some stress!

It’s time to get to know your old man a little better!


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