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Top Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

No matter how we see it, a dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs usually form an attachment with the owner and the entire family and can have a hard time when they are left out of family organizations. They want to belong and want to be a part of everything. This goes for tips as well. So if you are planning a trip, you also have to plan to bring your loveable pet with you.

There are a handful of reasons on why to bring and why not to bring your dog with you. But lets say that you have already settled down on taking your family pet on a trip. It is already hard enough to find a sitter or a place for it to stay while you are away, so better start dealing with things that you have to consider if you decide to take your dog on a trip.

Different dogs can have different reactions when going on a trip. It all depends on the temperament of a specific breed and it also depends on dogs individually. Smaller dogs, like a Papillion dog, are much easier to bring with than a much larger dog. Yet there are ways to do both. So if you are firmly settled on your dog being a part of this family activity, lets get started.

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Preparing for the Trip

The first thing that you have to do is prepare. And we do mean prepare well. The case is much easier if you are going to different city but it becomes much harder if you are leaving the country. Going to a different city with your dog would be much easier as all the rules and regulations will be the same as in your home city. But going to a different country is a completely different beast that you have to tackle.

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You have to determine the regulations of brining in an animal to a different country and what precautions you need to take. Some countries do not allow other animals being introduced to their ecosystem and in some cases there are even going to be some additional fees to do it. There are also regulations depending on the type of transport that you are using. Make sure that you google everything in advance and also be sure to specifically investigate everything about the type of breed that you have.

Where to Travel

It is important to determine the living conditions of an area where you are traveling to. Dogs can have a hard time when changing climates and they might suffer if the climate does not suit their needs. Some dogs also do not enjoy changing living conditions and are bound to a place, in this case your family home, and have a tough time leaving it. This is something that can make or break your trip. You have to think long and hard if it is good for the dog to go the specified area that you have marked as your destination.

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First thing is to see if your dog will not have a hard time leaving your home. If your pet is an adventurer, than you have passed one hurdle. Next is how to make the dog comfortable in the living conditions that you are going to. The best way would be going to a place which has the same living conditions as your home. It will not affect the dog at all and they will probably enjoy the trip. But if the climate is much colder, and your dog has a short coat, you have to bring some accessories, like jackets and blankets, so you keep your dog warm. The same goes if it’s the other way around. If it’s too warm for your dog, think of ways to keep it cool.

Bring Some Equipment

You are not the only one who needs to bring some stuff for a trip. Your dog also needs to pack as well. But since dogs have paws and not hands and have a tough time expressing themselves by only being capable of barking, you have to do the packing and also realize what your dog needs. So the same as with a human, just in this case you have to think of the dog’s needs.

Depending on the climate, you have to bring some clothes for the dog to keep it comfortable. In order to make your dog’s stay easier for them, you can bring their favorite toys or things that the dog likes. This will make a transition to a different place for them much easier and will allow them to keep the stress level to a minimum. And do not forget, if your dog has some healthy issues or possible conditions, be sure to bring all the needed medicine. Sometimes it is hard to find the necessary medications in a different city let alone in a different country.

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

First and foremost, you have to think about your dog’s health. Many organizations say that you should not bring your dog on a trip if they have healthy issues or are suffering from certain disease. The same goes if a dog is pregnant. Generally speaking, the health of your dog comes first. And if your dog is not in top condition you should not bring them with.

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There are many dangers of brining your dog to a different climate if they are susceptible to some ailments. Dog can develop sicknesses quickly or their pregnancy might be affected. Finding a vet in a different area will be a hassle and making your dog go through an ordeal like that is not something you would want to do. So in this case, it would be better to leave your dog behind and start thinking of alternatives and ways to make them comfortable while you are away.

Ways of Travel

There are different regulations for animals depending on the type of a vehicle that you are using. The easiest way would be to go with a car. If you have already taken your dog on rides though the city, the dog will probably be used to it already. Motion sickness will not be a problem to them and the only thing you have to think is the longevity of the drive. If you are going some other way, for instance in a plane, there are different regulations and ways of transporting your pet. They include special cargo areas for pets and they also include additional fees for the animals that you are bringing with.

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We recommend that if you are going with a car then it is okay to bring your dog. But make sure that you make the ride comfortable for them. Make sure that you make frequent breaks and do not drive for too long. Your dog might become anxious and will like to go out of the car from time to time. These breaks will also suit you and your family as well. These are also important for bathroom breaks for the dog.

On the other hand, taking your dog on a plane will mean that it has to be isolated alone or with other animals. You do not want to do that to your animal unless you are certain that they are okay with it. The plane ride is up to the owner, but you have to know your pet and you have to determine if it will enjoy it.

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