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Train Running Status- What Do You Want to Know?

Train running status means knowing the railway running status live, even while making the journey. Technology has made immense progress, and in every sector of your life, it has a deep impact. Therefore, it is now super easy to check live train running status, and thus, you can arrange your program, based on the train time. There are websites, which provide you with the authentic result on this.

Certain Interesting Facts about Checking Train Running Status

From now on while you check out train running status, you should also have idea about this service, provided by Indian Railways-

  • Actually, live running status means the exact location of the train at the current time i.e. finding the exact location of the train, and also, any delay if the train is late. Along with that, you also get to know the arrival time of the station en-route.
  • There are two key features that you need to note about live train status are- Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stoppages and Last Reported Location.
  • The ETA refers to the expected time when the train is supposed to reach any of its stoppages. Thus, the traveller gets to know the arrival time and be ready to board the train.
  • Now, the time you get from checking live train status may not be fixed forever. Actually, trains recover time. Therefore, it can arrive beforehand than mentioned time; you need to plan accordingly.

How Can You Check the Status?

There are several websites which will give you accurate live train running status. You just need to enter the name of the train or the five digit number in the search bar.

Don’t forget to hit ‘Find Train.’ Thus, you can know detail information about the train on your screen. The essential information you will get is the location of the train, when it will arrive at the station, the departure time, etc. If you have a smartphone, you will get notification repeatedly, and you can be updated like this. No more following the age-old method of going to railway enquiry and ask about train details. When you are at these websites, you can get information on the following issues-

  • Stoppage duration
  • Train location at present
  • Arrival time
  • Departure time
  • Distance between two stations
  • Information about delay

Trains in India That Runs on Time

Though Indian Railways is often blamed for being late; there are certain trains which more or less run at the scheduled time, and these are-

  1. Rajdhani Express

This express train is AC and connects the major cities to New Delhi. They are one of the fastest trains in New Delhi that run at 130-140 km/h speed.

  1. Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi Expresses are so fast that they make the round trip within a day. It has very limited stops.

Apart from these two fastest trains, there are Duronto Express, Jan Shatabdi, Mail Express Trains, etc. which run at top speed.

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