What to do in 24 hours in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is the mother of all chaos and still it remains an exciting destination traveler like few others. Many times the metropolis of Delhi is the gateway of those who visit India and although many travelers use it as a mere link to very diverse destinations. It has corners that are not worth missing for anything in the world.

What to see and do in Delhi in one day?

Delhi has lots of places to visit that many days will be less but still there are some best places which you can cover in your Delhi Tour.

  1. The Red Fort Of Delhi (Lal Qila)

The monumentality of the former palace of the ancient Muslim city of Shahjahanabad (now Delhi) is beyond doubt. Named World Heritage Site in 2007 is one of the symbols of the grandeur of the Indian capital which in the 17th century Agra gave him the relief. Its pavilions and gardens make us forget about the traffic out there, just a few meters from the entrance. The red sandstone doors and walls are the patina of the best of Delhi, although if there is one building that can excite the traveler is Moti Masjid – the white marble mosque and three lovely onion domes crowning the religious construction.

  1. The Friday Mosque (Jama Masjid)

More than half a thousand artisans from all over the Empire collaborated with the construction of Jama Masjid or, what is the same, the mosque on Friday, destined to be the most important in the city. With capacity to accommodate more than 25,000 faithful, being among the largest in the country. It became another of the masterpieces of the times of Shah Jahan, the same Mughal emperor who commissioned the construction of the Taj Mahal. And a certain similarity has its central pavilion to those of the ends of the Taj, taking advantage of the use of marble and the red sandstone that you can find just opposite in the red fort. It is highly recommended to mix with people and find a way to finish on top of one of its minarets, something that can be done without any difficulty.

  1. The Shops and Stalls Of The Crazy Chandni Chowk

Without leaving the area where the Red Fort and Jama Masjid are located, a bazaar is born that indescribably touches the most absolute imbalance. We are talking about one of the traditional markets of the city in which you have to look for a job, considering the diversity of the people who share the street with you. It is Delhi at its best.

  1. Rajpath And The Door Of India

We add to Delhi the adjective “New” when we see that the most important avenue in the city has little to do with Chandni Chowk and everything that boasts of the depths of the old city. We speak of a kilometer wide, tree-lined boulevard that tries to cover the main avenues of the great capitals of the world, where the celebrations are born (January 26, national day of India, gathers millions of people) and national symbols as the India Gate or several government buildings. A parade in Rajpath is more than a parade. And going through there is Law in the city.

  1. The Lotus Temple

Not everything in Delhi is kept for centuries but there is also room for modernity and the avant-garde, although it has to do with a religious theme. And if not, the Lotus Temple – Bahai House of Worship, awarded with the greatest architectural prizes and that has surpassed since its creation in 1986 the 50 million visitors something to which in the country has only reached the Taj Mahal. A lotus flower with 27 large marble petals justifies at least one visit to North India of the 21st century.


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