♥️My First Winning Bangkok Trip♥️

♥️My First Winning Bangkok Trip♥️

All started out with one picture entry of me holding my favourite seaweeds posing at Thai temple for contest of Taokaenoi.

HERE’s my adventure travel story! Get ready, get set, go! My 40 years old adventure with SBFive Bangkok trip from Taokaenoi from 25-27 th October 2019. I went to a Thailand temple nearby to take the winning shot. Thanks to Suhana for LAYAN me for the best shots. Announcement made. I was jumping for joy to win the Bangkok trip. Thanks to Yan, Taokaenoi representative for making all the arrangement. So drama today. Wake up at 5am, preparing the girls to school.

Go by Penang Bridge by 6.30am yet jammed. U-TURN take ferry reached 8.55am. The ferry ride like kayuh sampan.. Row row row a boat.. 😑 Penang Bridge closed for chemical emergency training. Why choose weekday office hours le?? 🤔 Walao make wrong turn pulak. Kek si wa! Parked car, take grab. Kap siao with the driver to calm my kan Cheong. The grab driver say only tourist wake up time around 10am. Then, 12noon lunch hour for office people.

Early birds for hotel people to go work or airport. He doing full time as market in Penang is good. Very young papa, his kids already teens. He only early 30s. 😍 Marry young, kids big liao. Hor Mia. Reached airport, super speed to check in. I only realised that I left the house key in the car when driver passed to me at the counter. Sipek Heng! Thank you le. ❤️ The B4 gate very far end. 😑 Macam siao. Heng ah flying with firefly got light snack for munching super hungry tummy! Leng lui stewardess too. 😍 Finally in plane. It’s good to have Oppa views manatao uncle .. Not in Korean airline. 😂A great relieved! Thank you for reading my heart attack stories. 😅

Exploring KL Tower and claiming my dessert prize from Craft cafe. Thanks Ibrahim, Li Keang and Joshua for accompanying me while I was on my solo trip to KL. The flight to Bangkok was at 7.25am which means I needed to be at the KLIA2 airport latest by 5.25am to check in. Woke up at 3.30am with so many morning calls from friends. Lovely guys! MORNING, “kuat sembang” with my girlfriend, Li Keang missed one turn, then U-TURN. Good also morning flight because this hour no car. 😂 If not sure panic attacks. Don’t play play. KL Road. Finally I reached KLIA2, the moment walked in, wow super cold and full of people. Mountain people mountain sea. I love the peacock decoration super duper nice for festive Deepavali at the middle of podium. Well done, KLIA! So many restaurant to have breakfast, toilet is squeeky clean and very big airport. Walk for one point to one point. Can faint! Lol. I met the 4 others winners finally after chatting for so long. We clicked so fast and definitely are awesome travel buddies. Yes it is!

Throughout the flight, we were the noisest and making the Air Asia stewardess irritated. 😂😂 Taokaenoi got us the Premier seat and 20 kgs. So sweet right! We reaching airport around 8.45am. The other winners are good videographer and Instagrammer too like me. Haha.. That’s why we clicked immediately. Right, guys? @karyajiwa @rawlins. Meet and greet by Taokaenoi staff upon arrival.. Took the bus reached The Bazaar hotel and have buffet lunch. Yes, Thai food!. 😋😋 Got ready by 4pm to wait at the lobby for the greet and meet session with SBFIVE. SOO excited! Dressed up in my black gown and light make up with Maybelline. Finally, the moment is here! They are super talented and have great personalities. Glad to have new friends from China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar too. We enjoyed the arranged games with SBFIVE and I won second prize, a Taokaenoi merchandise head cushion so cute.

The party is a private function and we were privileged to able to be one of their guests. This is the first time I attend such a private function. Not bad huh for 40yo to act like teens again. 😂😂 Age is just a number right! I went for supper with team Indonesia who led the ways to take mrt. Nice to know some new friends who made sure we don’t get lost. 😜We reached the hotel with grab van which was so cool with lighted decoration on the hood. Interesting! Next morning, we woke up at 7am for a quick breakfast then gathered at the lobby. First stop, Chocolate Ville. The sun was super duper hot can make a scramble egg. Yet, we were happy taking selfies and pictures. This was followed by Buffet Lunch at the Bangkok Palace Hotel. Yummy, Thai food. Sedapnya! Sawadeeka!

Next stop, Grand Palace was amazingly beautiful. We were advised not to wear shorts, sandal and sexy clothing. On the way, as we walked in, there were soldiers marching, official officers on duty, performers eating lunch and yelling by the road side selling long dresses, pants and hats. Kinda loud! 😊 The Palace was magnificent and known as one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok. I took so many photo shoots with my spontaneous travel mates and adventurous maze walk. It was so crowded with tourists and yet it’s an eye opener to witness such a heritage preserved till today.

Next, the most anticipated. a complimentary full body massage. Wow, it was so relaxing. The masseur was so expert that I dozed off! The Temple of Emerald Buddha is one of the largest temple complexes in the city, it is famed for its giant reclining Buddha that is 46 metres long and covered in gold leaf. A must visit.

Last destination, dinner cruise at Chao Phraya Riser. They reserved seats upfront for the talented performers. The buffet was super nice especially the fresh prawn. Yummy. We were having a great time dancing and singing. Everyone was enjoying the music and dancing from young to old. We danced like nobody was watching. That’s the way! Enjoy life to the fullest. Yahoooo.

Back to the hotel, then off to supper again. Omg! Love the sauce of seafood platter. Fresh, cheap and super delicious. Most of the group accompanied to chat and reached back the hotel by 1am with tuk tuk. Stylish rides 😀😀

Last day of the trip, omg feeling mixed and emotional. Going to tiger zoo and explore the place. The most unforgettable experiences was the crocodile delicacy. Even convinced by China winners, I regretted hahaha. Anyway, never try never know. We sang Rasa Sayang in the bus when the tour guide called for representatives from every country. Of course, we must be sporting in the eyes of other countries. We did enjoy it too.

Then it was time to send off other winners from other countries to different airports. Saying goodbye and giving each other hugs. To the staff of Taokaenoi to make sure we checked in OK and gave us a lunch boxes before we checked in. Awww so sweet! Times flies when you having a great times right!💋 We checked in and headed off to Kuala Lumpur. Missing those Mys teams already. Love you guys. Till we meet again. Last but not least, thank you to Taokaenoi for being the most generous company to give the best experience that I would never forget. To my husband, mother, sister, brother, father and daycare principal to taking care my 3 kids while I am away Love you 3000x Miracle is there no rain through the 3 days guess my prayers come true! ❤️☔Thanks for reading my long winded stories. I wrote this while waiting for my plane as those memories still fresh in my mind. ✈️❤️


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