10 Must-try foods in Malaysia

If you were to ask any traveller what Malaysia is best known for, it would be for its FOOD! You can find just about any type of food, because Malaysia is so rich with culture.

Here are some of the foods you absolutely must have in Malaysia!

Kek Lapis and Laksa Sarawak


Image: Mohd Rais

Its kek lapis, or layer cake, is not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing, with some makers layering it in the shape of a batik pattern.


Image: Farah Marzuki

Sarawak laksa is a complex, hearty, spicy, and absolutely addictive, served with a balance of flavours that lends itself as a versatile dish that can be eaten for any meal.

Tuaran Noodles Sabah


Tuaran noodles is cooked with egg noodles, which are fried and topped with barbecued pork, egg rolls, and vegetables.

Red Wine Noodles, Sitiawan, Perak


Sitiawan is a small fishing village in Perak, and is famous for its red wine noodles. The broth is actually boiled with chicken and ginger, and then red rice wine is added to taste.

Ipoh Dim Sum, Perak


Image: Jason Jacobs

In the capital town of Perak, the Hong Kong style dim sum is the most famous, where people would go to shops early in the morning, or even queue outside the shop just to get a taste!

Penang Asam Laksa


Image: Jonathan Lin

The secret of this popular Malaysian spicy-and-sour noodle dish lies in its broth, usually made with deboned mackerel. It is then served with a condiments that helps enhance the flavor, with as mint leaves, lemongrass, chillies, pineapples and onions. The main varying factor for the Penang laksa is the prawn paste used as topping.

Keropok Lekor, Terengganu


Image: William NYK

In English, the easiest way to describe it would be fish sausage, but in reality, we all know it’s much more than that. It’s made from fish paste, sago, and salt, which is then mixed together and made into sausages. There are two types of keropok lekor, which is the thick type and the thin type. The thick type offers more flavor with a softer texture, while the thin type gives a crunch.

Coconut Milkshake, Malacca


The queue for the famous Klebang Coconut Shake can really go over 50 metres during peak periods. The milkshake is made with real coconut juice, coconut flesh and vanilla ice cream, all blended together. Some stalls even offer a more heightened coconut taste by using coconut-flavoured ice cream to replace the vanilla.

Kajang Satay, Selangor


Image: Marufish

Satay is generally quite popular around Southeast Asia, but the one in Kajang is easily one of the best. It’s made with real meat, usually with just the right amount of fat to keep the meat moist and juicy, dipped in coarse peanut sauce to add just a little crunchy texture.

Otak-otak, Johor


Image: Babe KL

While otak-otak can generally be found all over Malaysia, Johor’s one could easily be hailed as the best. Otak-otak is grilled fish cake made of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices. In the more recent years, there have been variations to what meat is used, such as using prawn or crab meat.


Of course, the list would go on, but these are my 10 most favourite. I hope you enjoy them too.

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