11 Ideas for Affordable Long Weekend Gateways

11 Ideas for Affordable Long Weekend Gateways

Life is not about spending the long exciting weekends with a can of beer and badmouthing your boss for nothing. It is sadistic that our lives are reduced to being anxious and stagnant during the week but overwhelmingly happy on a Friday. It does sound like emotional stress and one of the many bad consequences of the new-age. With that said, it is important to step up your game and get creative about your weekend plans and holiday ideas. Long weekend is a time to open up your eyes to new possibilities, de-stress, and disconnect from the humdrum.

How about some terrific vacation ideas for long weekend gateways?

  1. Road Trips

No, road trips are not about sitting in a car, driving, and stopping over at mid-way restaurants for food. Driving on new paths with someone special by your side is no less than discovering the new routes or by-passes to your life’s purpose. It does include eateries on the way, some fun and chit-chats, but it also extends to collaborations and renewing the sagging relationships. You may start anytime on a Friday and cover up the exciting distances to your goal destination via a road trip. Prying the same route to office is not a new thing for you but exploring an unknown terrain is definitely the plan.

  1. Mini Breaks

A perfect idea for long weekend gateways, Mini Breaks shall take the burden of planning a long vacation off your head. Planning a vacation for 15 days or more can be a daunting task and expensive as well. Mini Breaks are about holidaying at a nearby hill station, going for a brief vacation to an affordable foreign locale with your partner or family, or just attending a food festival somewhere in your country. These breaks allow you to move away from your boring mundane jobs for a while and connect with your loved ones and a new culture on a different level.

  1. Food Festivals

Food festival is a celebration of cuisines and the flavors devoured by cultures for ages. You can choose to for a Food Festival at a new place or a country and douse in some colors of life. These festivals not only present their own spices on table but also puts forth many other cuisines. So, it does not matter if you are a foodie or not, these festivals are creative, and satisfying to your soul in all possible ways. How to find the exact dates to these festivals? Well, countries like Dubai and India often host food festivals every year and for other places, search online or ask travel companies for upcoming events.

  1. Yoga Retreats

Now, just because it has the word, “Yoga” in it does not mean, it is just about it only. Yoga retreat is an alternative to your regular Yoga practice or workout regime and rather a good one. These retreats are usually conducted at a far-flung place so that the traveler has new experiences during the break. You shall get a chance to meet new people, visit a new place and the culture, try new things like surfing or hiking and even indulge in some spiritual gatherings. Countries like Thailand, India, Mexico and Costa Rica are known for offering affordable Yoga retreats and traveling experiences.

  1. Beach Holidays

Some people love beaches and some fantasize about it. Whatever your case may be, beaches are luring and attractive. A beach holiday is a great idea for making this long weekend gateway, the memorable one. You can choose to go for a beach vacation in your own country or save throughout the year and visit a new country for the ultimate experience. Although there are many destinations for such vacations, you can choose one as per your financial situation and choices. It is surprising that every location has something different for you.

  1. Spiritual Breaks

If you go for a Yoga retreat, it is enough for your soul but spiritual retreats are something else. These retreats involve chanting prayers in a temple, going to an old church for carols or may be Sunday mass, attending religious gatherings or motivation speeches by Saints or Gurus or just sitting at a beach and listening to some Yogi master talk about life. A spiritual retreat offers you a chance to visit your inner world, meet your shadow sides, and acknowledge the wrong emotional patterns. These vacations revive the forgotten ethics and helps de-tangling the life with ease.

  1. Cruise Holidays

This is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is expensive and plush in nature. However, Cruise vacations can be the best deal. A good idea for a long weekend gateway to a country or island, Cruises take you on a new journey of life. You explore a new path through oceans, witness the sea-life (if you are that lucky), meet new people, and enjoy some great authentic sea food. You can easily get access to a fantastic Cruise holiday package through a Travel Company or holiday management firm and opt for something that is affordable and in its best season.

  1. Camping

You can choose to go for camping vacation with your family or friends to some place or an unknown area of your state. Although people camp nowadays in resorts in a man-made environment, the true essence of Camping is something different. Choose a place that is known for its wild jungles, and lush greenery and once you select, go for it. You can do hammock camping in a nearby wild jungle, plan a bonfire in a mountain region and later camp in forests, or a combination of everything. Camping is also a way to connect with Mother Nature.

  1. Desert Safari

Popular amongst foreign tourists, you too can join the troop. Desert Safari is very specific when it comes to its base concept, it is visiting a place known for sprawling desert area and some camels for fun. Places like Rajasthan in India, Gobi Desert, Arizona, and parts of the MENA region like Morocco can be traversed for this experience. You can go for a choicest one and ride a camel in a desert. These vacations also offer you a chance to connect with the locals in villages, eat local cuisine, and enjoy some dance and fun at night time near a bonfire. A complete cultural experience.

  1. Couple Vacations

Is your anniversary date falling in the upcoming long weekend? Does your husband face stress these days at work? Are you feeling the love fading away? Love can always be revived and passion can be re-ignited through efforts and ofcourse a vacation. Couple vacations can include anything- beach holiday, retreats, festivals, family vacation, or simply going to your honeymoon destination once again. Choose a hill station nearby, popular retreat destination and embark on a new loving journey of life.

  1. Historical Sites

We are disconnecting from our culture and world history. This is sad and unfortunately true. But not anymore, as there are vacation packages for you that incline towards bringing you close to history and heritage sites. You can take your family to a place that is known for its culture and historical significance and make this weekend vacation an enlightening one. This can be anywhere near your native place or probably somewhere else in a new state or a country. Countries like India, Italy, Greece and Africa have ruins, archaic architectures and precious churches for you to witness.

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