4D3N In Bangkok!

I can never get bored of Bangkok, there are way too many places to discover and too much delicious food to try! Jo always manages to find new places or food for me to try. It’s awesome to have a travel partner that’s more than willing to do research on the places that we are heading to.

The other day while we were on the way to work, I was like, “Let’s check if MAS got sale to BKK.” Guess what, it was RM350 two ways per pax. Without any hesitation I straightaway clicked PURCHASE! It’s perfect because some of our frens will be travelling to BKK on the same days so we can meet up!

As for hotels, I always try to stay in different hotels when I visit Bangkok! I’m still trying to find one hotel that is perfect for all my Bangkok holidays lol. This time we stayed in Courtyard By Marriott, it’s located behind the famous four-faced Buddha shrine. I like staying in this area because it’s really near to Siam Square, 1 station away! You can choose to walk on the bridge or take BTS. The rate of their room is around RM330/ night, the room is pretty clean and new.

Day 1 


I totally forgot to take pictures of the room so this is the only one I have hahahhaha.


Jo and I reached BKK just in time for dinner, so we headed straight to SomTam Nua in Siam Square.


Have been craving for their fried chicken ever since my last trip there.


Their famous fried chicken wings! I can finish 1 basket on my own hahaha.


Their soft bone pork spicy soup is very delicious too. You have to drink it carefully because it’s really spicy. T____T


The only som tam (green papaya salad) that I enjoy eating because the deep fried pork rind is way too yummy. #halocheatday


After dinner, we met up with Shirley and frens for dessert in After You, Siam Paragon.


There was 8 of us so we got to order more desserts this time! We had their new Chocolate Sphere, served with 63% dark chocolate and salted caramel ice-cream.


The awesome Ferrero Rocher Toast with ice-cream!


The well-known classic Shibuya Honey Toast!


Last but not least, Chocolate Lava. I think this will be my fav because I find Shibuya Honey Toast too sweet and I can’t finish it on my own. The lava cake is crispy on the outside and runny on the inside. The chocolate is not too sweet and just nice for me! If you’re heading there soon, you should give it a try.

Day 2


It was a Saturday so we decided to head to Chatuchak market just for Jo’s favorite BBQ pork on a stick LOL.


This boy is super satisfied with his pork, look at that face haha.


Then he headed to his 2nd fav, strawberry ice with yoghurt.


After his feast, it’s my turn to shop! Super love the December weather in Bangkok. It’s windy and chilly. Bangkok is known to be a very hot city but during my 4 days in Bangkok I didn’t even sweat, not even in Chatuchak! I don’t know how or why but it happened.


Met up with the rest for some shopping! The only picture that we took while shopping because we were too busy looking at everything else instead of taking pics hahaha.


For lunch, I had minced pork with basil and Jo had pad thai in a random hawker stall at the market because our favorite somtam place wasn’t open.


After lunch, Jo bought deep fried fish cake for snacks… I told you, he went to the market just to eat ==”


Then we had coconut ice cream for dessert, again…


Met up with everyone for a short break then back to business hahaha. Jo and I left earlier so we headed to Central World to just hang out and eat more.


There was a bazaar going on outside Central World so Jo and I took a walk there. I love it when there are bazaars in Bangkok because they have a lot of local designer items. I’m obsessed with their design and fashion. It’s simple but has a lot of personality, not to mention their quality is surprisingly good.


Like these tops that I saw in one of the tents, so simple but it’s so nice! It’s perfect to mix and match and the quality is pretty good too. Can never find these kind of designs in Malaysia.


Then we met a lot of Snoopy Joon, they all came from the Star lol. If you watch My Love From the Star then you will get the joke.


Us and Snoopy Joon lol.


For dinner we had Bonchon chicken in Central World. If you’re planning to go there please take note that you will have to wait for around 20-30 mins to get a table! I have been there a few times and it’s always full house with a long queue.


Their seaweed french fries are THE BEST.


Yummy food deserves more pictures hahaha.

Day 3


As usual, Jo did his research on where to have brunch and he found this Thai styled brunch located in Thonglor.


It’s a rather small and cozy place for brunch and their food is pretty cheap! I strongly recommend you guys to give it a try. It’s called Plearnwan panich located in Thonglor 13.


The interior of the cafe is pretty old school.


Complimentary snacks before your meal. They served us fried dough fritters with condensed milk.


They also served each of us a glass of hot tea and I ordered a glass of Thai milk tea. I forgot to ask for less sugar so my drink turned out to be really sweet. Thais just love their drinks sweet, right. If you don’t like drinking sweet tea I won’t recommend you to order their milk tea ==’


We ordered their traditional Thai “big breakfast”. As you can see it has sausages, minced meat, sunny side-up eggs, green onion and toast. It looks weird but it tastes so good. I love everything that has green onion and eggs so this is perfect!


Then we went over board and ordered their cute looking toast with egg custard which is our roti bakar and kaya lol. Jo says their kaya is really yummy. It tastes more eggy/custardy and the pandan flavor is quite mild.


I was like, “Let’s just order everything la, we came all the way here to feast remember?” So we ordered their coconut puffs. I’m so angry at myself because I totally forgot how much everything costs, but I remember we only spent around RM30 for 4 dishes and 2 drinks. Quite cheap right?

After brunch, we took a taxi back to Platinum Mall. As usual nothing nice to show because I was busy hunting for nice clothes, but I was quite disappointed la. I should stop going to Platinum already because I can never find anything there. I prefer shopping in Siam Square.


So we went back to Siam Square and we passed by Mr Jones Orphanage in Siam Center. Since I have never been there before, we decided to just give it a try.


Interior is nice, setting is nice but their cakes are just average. =( I’m sorry if you’re a fan of this cafe.


We ordered a passion fruit shortcake and it was so disappointing. =( Maybe we ordered the wrong cake but I don’t think I will go back there again because their drinks also quite bad.


Did I hear you say you’re hungry? Hahaha we got hungry after walking around Siam Square for few a while, so Jo brought me to this beef noodle place in Siam Paragon. It’s called Nuer Koo Premium Beef, on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon.


Their beef is really not kidding, man. Super fresh and delicious!!! They slice the raw beef into thin slices and served it in bone marrow soup with noodles. The soup is served hot so it slowly cooks the beef! It’s just too perfect! The awesome part about this bowl of treasure is that it only cost 85 baht. T___T, I know right.


Then we added another bowl of sirloin with soup only! Too yummy to stop eating haha.


Siam Square has changed so much since my last visit!


They opened a new Hello Kitty cafe le!!


And a new mall called Siam One.


Then we headed to Srinakarin Train market, it’s quite far from the city but it’s worth going! So many things to buy and look at. If you want to know about how to get there and stuff, I guess I will pass it to KBCG because they blogged about it before and they did a good job on this haha.


One of the very cute-looking shops…


A lot of retro treasures!


If you’re looking for a Jersey Boys’ style mic stand you can also find it here lol.



Took a pic while waiting for our hotel tuk-tuk to drop us to the BTS station! I love the idea of free shuttles in hotels, so convenient.


Our flight back to Malaysia was in the evening so we had plenty of time to try more yummy food! I have never tried boat noodles before (even the one in Malaysia), so Jo brought us here. It’s self-proclaimed THE BEST OF NOODLE BOAT. Win liao lor the name.

Just Google ‘boat noodle alley’ or just take the BTS to Victory Monument, walk around the monument and get down at the Fashion Mall. It’s just behind.


They have two different flavors, beef or pork. I, of course chose pork.


We started by ordering 7 bowls, Jo – 4, me – 3.


We also ordered their deep fried pork rind with fried shallots!


Burppp, only managed to finish 3 bowls but Jo finished 5 bowls hahahahah. I dont understand how can people finish 10 bowls lo! It’s super filling le. The best part is that they are only 12 baht a bowl. Jo loved it so much that he says he won’t try any ones in Malaysia, so it won’t ruin his impression of boat noodles.


Candid shoot while waiting for BTS.


Went back to Siam One to hang out because we didn’t get to explore the night before.


When you have time to kill….


Then Jo was like, “Let’s have Honey Toast again before heading back.” This round he ordered a baby-sized toast with macha ice cream. It’s not as sweet as the Shibuya Honey toast because the green tea ice cream is not sweet at all. Jo loved it!

Off to airport next and back to reality! I really want to go back to Bangkok again and again to explore more food and places to share with everyone!


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