5 of the most beautiful destinations to experience autumn

5 of the most beautiful destinations to experience autumn

While all four seasons have their unique charm, autumn offers the best of all worlds. Not as hot as summer but not quite as chilly as spring or winter, autumn’s palette of colours is serene and unforgettable.

Check out some of the best places to take in the changing of the seasons.

1. Hokkaido, Japan

While Japan is beautiful all year round, Hokkaido is special in being the earliest place to witness autumn in late August.

Just head over to the Daisetuzan National Park area to see the leaves on the mountaintop shift from green to beautiful autumn colours.

Besides being the earliest spot to see the seasonal changes it is also Japan’s biggest park – larger than the cities of Tokyo and Kagawa.

Getting there: Fly to Hokkaido’s Asahikawa airport and take a bus to the nearby Sounkyo Onsen town or if you’re taking the train, the nearest Japan railway station is Kamikawa Station.

2. Aspen, Colorado, USA

What makes autumn in Aspen special are the trees it’s named after. In the autumn, the beautiful golden aspen tree groves bathe the region in shades of gold, red and brown.

A must visit is the famous Maroon Bells peaks, that offers some of the most breathtaking views that include the nearby mirror lake.

Getting there: You can fly to Colorado Springs and get to Aspen via private car or take a bus (departing hourly) from Denver Airport.

3. Torres del Paine, Chile

If you want to experience autumn in late March to early June, there are few better places than Chile’s Torres del Pine National Park. It also happens to be low season then so you can enjoy the spectacular foliage minus the crowds.

The skyline is known to be iconic, with its beautiful jagged peaks and unique granite pillars after which it is named.

Getting there: Fly to Punta Arenas airport and from there head to the town of Puerto Natales. Two buses run from the town to the park daily though some hotels also offer private shuttles.

4. Bavaria, Germany

If you fancy a longer journey, why not explore Bavaria in the fall? Munich offers a great starting point for your journey where you can explore the countryside, visit Neuschwanstein Castle (the inspiration behind Disney’s castle) or party at the Oktoberfest beer festival.

There are also plenty of local events to witness such as the annual pumpkin festival besides various markets and fairs.

Getting there: Catch a flight to Munich airport and from there, it’s a speedy trip to the city via train.

5. Snowdonia, Wales

This gem in the UK offers mountains, lakes, and even quarries besides beautiful woodlands to gaze at during autumn.

It’s said to house some of the most vivid autumnal hues in all of Britain, with various spots to take in the natural beauty.

Getting there: Snowdonia is within two hours’ drive from not just one but five airports: Manchester Airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Birmingham Airport, Caernarfon Airport, and Anglesey Airport.

Heading from London? There are plenty of rail direct services to Wales, and from there switch to the Conwy Valley Line that runs through Snowdonia National Park.

Pack a good jacket and warm socks; let your passport be wings to fly you to a magical autumn adventure.

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