Top 5 Latest Trends Shaping Travel in 2019

Top 5 Latest Trends Shaping Travel in 2019

As with most industries, travel and tourism evolves. With the advent of social media, technology, and enterprising folks with new offerings, travelling in 2019 certainly looks different than it did just a few years ago.

Here are the 2019 trends that are highly talked about on the web.


Solo travel

There’s no shame in treating yourself once in a while. You get to go at your own pace and seek experiences that you would personally enjoy. Also, far easier to plan as you don’t need to sync up with the schedules of your friends or family.

Hostelworld reports that the number of women who choose to solo travel around the globe has doubled in four years.

WeLive (the sister company of WeWork) offers co-living spaces where you share furnished apartments with others. You can stay for days or weeks at a time.

21-year-old Lexie Alford claims to have visited every country in the world, mostly alone. Her 275,000 followers on Instagram would find that inspiring.


Instagram-worthy accommodations

Not only are travellers looking for destinations worthy to impress their followers, but they are also raising the bar on their accommodations. For them, the typical 4-star hotel just won’t cut it anymore.

Virtuoso, a global network of luxury travel advisors, says that people are structuring their trip based on experiences.

Hotels are keeping up by creating “instagrammable” scenes around their existing property. Or paint their bedroom walls Peach, 2019’s hot colour by Pantone.


Workout trips

You can travel to eat the food and see the sights. Or, you can turn it into a workout trip, a vacation centered on physical activities.

The Global Wellness Institute is projecting that Wellness Tourism will grow twice as fast as general tourism, reaching USD9 billion by 2022.

Travel Daily claims that 30% of luxury travelers seek mindfulness and well-being activities for the next holiday.



Business or leisure? Nowadays, it can be both. When people get an opportunity to fly abroad for a business trip, they opt to extend their stay for a mini-vacation. That would make full use of the flights they are already taking.

87% of business travelers surveyed by Avis stated they mix leisure activities on the same trip.


Short vacations

You don’t need to wait for the grand 2-week trip. People are increasingly opting for shorter and more frequent breaks. This would be easy to achieve for Malaysians, as we have many public holidays and are located in the middle of many destinations in South East Asia.

Flightgiftcard reports a rise in bookings for short vacations. With 54% of bookings by Brits were for trips that last three days or less.

Skyscanner reports that 4 days is the average holiday duration for people from the Asia Pacific in 2018.

Based on these reports, it appears that people are very much willing to try new things. Thanks to the internet and social media, hidden gems and niche activities are climbing into the spotlight. Plus, with a bigger variety of services available, people can easily adapt to their circumstances. All in all, travelling is getting more and more rewarding.

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