Trip To Port Dickson, Grand Lexis Port Dickson Resort

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Address: Batu 2, Jalan Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


My husband and I did not really planned our trip to Port Dickson two years ago. Rather, it was a bit of surprise and unexpected. Well, not really unexpected. It was just that visiting Port Dickson was not at our top priority list at that time.  In fact, prior to that, I have never heard of Port Dickson before in my life. I remember that my husband and I were discussing about our plans for our short vacation to Malaysia. Instead of spending all of our time in Kuala Lumpur, we wanted to visit somewhere else where we could relax and get a nice rest.  Cameron Highlands, Langkawi or Genting Highlands were on the top of our list. But we could not make a decision due to several factors. Then, my husband suggested Port Dickson, a destination great for relaxation. So, I proceeded to look up Port Dickson on the internet. I was reluctant as there are nothing much to see there.  However, there are plenty of  beach resorts and villas built just above the sea. I was attracted by the idea of spending a night at a sea view villa. A villa with my own private pool. How nice will that be. Eventually, we decided to visit Port Dickson after figuring out that this will be the nearest destination from Kuala Lumpur where we could book ourselves a luxurious villa and enjoy a good nice rest. So, we started to search for accommodation online. There are a lot of options, but we could not decide as we have not expected that it will cost that much for a night stay at a villa in Malaysia. It was so much higher than our budget. After much consideration and comparison done, we finally booked a night stay at the Premium Pool Villa with Grand Lexis Port Dickson Resort.



Port Dickson


Port Dickson, better known as PD among the local Malaysians, is one of the popular beach holiday destination in Malaysia. Situated about 32 Km from Seremban and 90 Km from Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson is easily accessible by car via the North-South Expressway.



It was about an hour and a half drive from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson. We reached our destination at around 12.30pm in the afternoon and decided to explore Port Dickson a little bit more before we proceed to our resort to check in.



The weather was a little gloomy while we drove past kilometers after kilometers of fine sandy beaches and almost all of them were fully occupied with people who were there for some family gathering and bonding sessions.
After about 45 minutes of exploring, we decided that it was time for us to check into our villa and enjoy the rest of our day in our luxurious room.


Grand Lexis Resort



Grand Lexis Port Dickson Resort, previously also known as the Legend International Water Homes, is a Balinese inspired resort located along the coastal stretch of Port Dickson, 2 Km away from the town of Lukut.


Comprising a total of 317 spacious villas, the Grand Lexis Port Dickson Resort offers three different types of luxurious accommodation options for their guests to choose from. They are namely the Water Villas, Garden Villas and Sky Pool Villas.


So, what’s the difference?

Water Villa – Built and located just right above the sea, the Water Villa has four different types of rooms – the Deluxe Pool Villa, Executive Pool Villa, Premium Pool Villa and Grand Pool Villa.

The Grand Pool Villa comes with an option of lower or upper units. The lower unit has an indoor covered pool whereas the upper unit has an outdoor infinity pool.

Garden Villa – Built and located on land, the Garden Villa also offers four different types of rooms – the Garden Pool Villa, Grand Garden Pool Villa, Deluxe Suite and Premier Suite.

Both of the Garden Pool Villa and the Grand Garden Pool Villa also comes with an option of lower or upper units where the lower unit has an indoor covered pool and the upper unit has an outdoor infinity pool.

Sky Pool Villa – Unlike the Water or Garden Villa, the Sky Pool Villa only has two different types of room – the Sky Pool Villa and Sky Pool Grand Villa.

Each of the villas also comes with a private pool built on a semi-open balcony decks that offer their guests a view of sea during their entire stay. In addition to that, there is a small garden nestled at the back of the villa where you could catch a spectacular view of the entire Grand Lexis Resort.



Be it the Water, Garden or the Sky Pool Villa, every of them has a private pool! Never once in my life have I expected that I would be able to stay in such a luxurious room someday. But it just happened without me even realizing it. Even until now, it feels like a dream.




Entering our unit with lots of excitement and high expectation, we were delighted to be greeted by a spacious room. It was very clean and everything is well-maintained. The sight of our pool, separated from our room by two sliding doors had never failed to make us go all wild and crazy.




We were so excited that we simply could not wait to jump into the pool and get ourselves wet. There is a open-air shower area located right at the back of the pool where you may wish to rinise yourself before getting into the pool.


Whoa~~ Look how sexy my father-in-law was!


We had fun playing in our own private pool and indeed we felt so much more awesome that we do not need to share the crowded public pool with so many others. However, the bad part was that we found the waters a bit too cold for us to remain in the pool for too long.






The Premium Pool Villa also comes with two King size bed and a small dressing table. Oh, this is the first time I ever slept on a king size bed!




The room is well-lit and has a very nice and relaxing ambience. It gives off a little romantic feel too which I thought will be great for couples to spend some quality time together here.



Right beside our room, there is a alleyway that connects a small kitchenette and bathroom area to the whole unit. This makes the whole unit feels like home.




Nothing much. Just a microwave, a water boiler and some instant tea or coffee bags. However, none of them taste nice and apparently, cooking is not encouraged since there are no stove provided. Luckily, or else I believe it will make the whole place all greasy.



The bathroom area, which I did not like very much. Why? It’s because the showering area is so cramped and small!



Furthermore, Grand Lexis only provides four bath towels for each unit, where it could accommodate up to 6 people. Grand Lexis, why are you so stingy?





In addition, each of the villa at the Grand Lexis Port Dickson Resort are equipped with basic amenities such as air-conditioning, a flat screen TV, in-room Wi-fi, security safe box and telephone.




We believe the 2-seaters sofa is only there to serve a purpose. That is for us to start a photo taking session. Trust me. This is just one perfect spot to take nice looking pictures.



There is also a glass window panel on the floor which enable you to catch a glimpse of the sea below. I believe this is one of the unique feature which Grand Lexis has for all of their water villas. However, it’s pity that the waters at Port Dickson are not crystal clear and thus, it’s impossible for us to spot even a small fish swimming by. It will not be a great loss if you do not have this feature in your room.




Outside of our room, the view is beautifully impressive too. Every of the individual units are linked up by spacious boardwalks, offering all of the guests a magnificent view of the borderless sea and sunset.






I regretted for not leaving my room earlier to look at the sea. It should look so much more beautiful then.




Grand Lexis also provides buggy services to all their guests, transporting one after another to their unit safely. However, we prefer to do some walking ourselves.



An archery range. Something you might wish to do if you ever get bored after spending hours in your villa.



Or probably a game of beach volleyball? Oh wait, I am not sure whether this is for volleyball or some other sport activities.



For those who love to cycle, you could rent a bicycle from Grand Lexis Port Dickson Resort too.



Restoran Chardin Sea View Seafood Village




It was late evening when we finally decided to leave our comfortable villa. It was time to feed our growling stomach. So we drove out from our resort and arrived at Restoran Chardin Sea View Seafood Village for dinner.




Sea view Seafood Village. Judging from its name, this is apparently a restaurant located near the seaside.




Such a magnificent view from the restarant. I could not stop pressing the shutter button on my camera. Unsurprisingly, I was not the only one who was excited in capturing every tiny bits of beauty of Port Dickson. There were lots of others who just could not seem to take their hands off their camera.





I love this photo the most! Look how beautiful the rocks are!




After 15 minutes, I got bored with the sea and decided to explore the restaurant little bit more. Placed just at the entrance of the restaurant are rows and rows of aquariums with a varieties of live seafood offered for their diners to choose from.


It was here that I came to know that there is such a seafood named Geoduck. It does not really look good to me.






Restoran Chardin Sea View Seafood Village, I will not recommend this restaurant to anyone who happens to visit Port Dickson. It was a rather unpleasant dining experience for us. Not only that the food was not up to standard, we really feel that everything was overpriced too. The bill came up to RM 300++ for the 5 dishes which we had ordered. Totally unworthy for not so awesome food.



The only thing which we would probably enjoy dining at the restaurant would be the beautiful sea view. I love the smell of the salty water and sound of the sea waves.







As the sun set, the surroundings began to darken. It was almost totally dark when we finished our meal. Everything feels so peaceful and calm.



Oh, did I mention there is also a public pool in the Grand Lexis Port Dickson Resort? So if you happen to find that your private pool is a bit too small for you to have more fun, you could always visit the public pool. I believe this will be a better playground for kids as the pool is so much shallower than the private pool.



Well, I guess I have come to the end of this post. I have a wonderful time throughout my stay with the Grand Lexis Port Dickson Resort. Really hope that I will have the chance to stay at a villa at Port Dickson again. Perhaps anyone here would love to sponsor me for another trip? Or else, I shall think about how I should convince my husband and get him to bring me for another trip again. So until then…


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