6 Ways to Connect With Nature While Travelling

6 Ways to Connect With Nature While Travelling

If you are going on a trip, why not make it more than a simple journey from one point to another? 

There is more to getting to know a new place than just eating local food, speaking with residents, and learning as much as you can about life in that specific locale.

Traveling is also an excellent opportunity for you to connect with nature. To make things even better, you don’t have to step into the undisturbed wilderness to make a connection with it. 

Here are some nice and easy ways that you can connect with nature while traveling. 

Find pleasure in simple things 

First of all, to make a meaningful connection with nature, you need to be relaxed and willing to engage with it. This means you should learn to find joy in simpler things. 

Visiting nature doesn’t and shouldn’t mean just visiting a significant attraction. Sometimes, a simple visit to a local park is all you need. Simply have lunch in a park, or spend some time reading in the shade of a tree. 

Besides, a park is a great place to do a workout while you are on the road. Usually, parks have trails that are ideal for running, walking, or biking. Even if all you need is a brisk walk to get your blood pumping, a park is the right place for you.

Spend some time in a log cabin

When it comes to finding quick ways to connect with nature, there is something in spending a night or two in a log cabin that almost makes it feel as if you are taking a shortcut. 

Because of the materials used and their location, log cabins are often an ideal place for those who seek an effective way to reunite with nature. 

Researchers have demonstrated that spending time in a log cabin reduces heart rate while improving concentration and sleep quality. On top of that, the air you breathe while inside one is of better quality than the air you’d be breathing in the city. 

Finally, there is no better motivation to go out and explore the great outdoors than waking up right in the middle of it. 

Go for a bike ride

Riding a bike is yet another simple way to connect with nature on a more fundamental level. 

It is a fun way to see a new place and stay active while you’re doing it. There are bike trail systems and city bike-sharing programs all over the world, and more are popping up all the time.

Besides the apparent benefits to your muscle strength and your heart, studies have shown that cycling can also improve your balance, the way you walk and climb stairs and reduce stress. So, grab any opportunity you can to hop on a bicycle and explore nature that way. 

Soak in the scenery 

Have you noticed how many of us have a completely different state of mind while we’re traveling? It’s crucial to capitalize on that by spending time in a scenic environment that allows our minds to wander and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding us.

This could be something as simple as listening to the waves crash against the rocks one early morning before anyone else shows up at the beach or walking along a city trail that’s a little tucked away. Use your heightened senses to appreciate your surroundings better and take in everything that nature has to offer. 

Practice mindfulness

In order to fully enjoy nature, you need to leave the troubles of your everyday life behind and to disconnect from it, even if just for a short while. Mindfulness can help you achieve that goal. 

It is the practice of maintaining a heightened sense of awareness while striving to be more present. You can easily achieve it through meditation: There is no better place to connect with the moment and with your inner self than nature.

Simply find a quiet place to sit and reflect, and make a conscious effort to be aware of the insights, feelings, and thoughts that come to you when practicing mindfulness in nature. Doing so will combine your urge to connect to nature with self-care.

Visit a botanical garden

botanical gardenOne more way for you to go around the world without traveling too far is by paying a visit to the closest botanical garden.

Each botanical garden has a unique collection of plants that allows you to look at species you may not be able to see elsewhere. Besides, these places work hard to inspire an appreciation for plants and the critical role they play in sustaining the Earth’s ecosystem. Spending time in a botanical garden is a fantastic way to learn more. 


Also, some gardens also have butterfly gardens where you can witness these beautiful insects float and flutter around you.

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Written by Rebecca.B