6 ways to get to First class or Business class – secrets to snagging that elusive flight upgrade!

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Dream of scoring that much-coveted flight upgrade at your next check-in? Skyscanner shares six tips to make sure you’ll be flying either First Class or Business Class like you’ve always wanted.

1. Loyalty counts

Frequent flyer programmes are your best bet at scoring a flight upgrade. Airlines often reward their most loyal passengers, so sign up with them before you start planning your trips! Rack up more flights and you’ll improve your chances. It’s that simple.

Woman sleeping in first class seat

Get on board a frequent flyer programme and you could soon be travelling in style.

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2. Spend your miles

Earn frequent flyer miles when you travel, which you can then spend to get a flight upgrade. Loyalty programmes such as Oneworld cover tons of airlines, including Malaysia Airlines, making it easy for you to chalk up miles every time you fly.

First class seat

Yes, you can “buy” an upgrade to this when you have earned enough miles.

3. Fly solo

Travelling with the entire family? You’ll be hard-pressed to be granted that last-minute flight upgrade. Flying solo, however, will increase your chances of getitng bumped up to business class or first class – and you wouldn’t have to reason with check-in staff to award your mum or uncle that upgrade. Simply put: When in a group, the odds are against you.

Family at check-in counter

So, can we all get an upgrade?

4. Fly at the right time

If your flight is half-empty, your chances of being upgraded are usually slim to none. Try flying during public holiday long weekends when it’s busy enough, but not overly so like on New Year’s Eve where it becomes impossible to justify a flight upgrade. If you’re flying on a route which is popular throughout the year, definitely give this a go! Remember: It’s all about strategy.

Calendar with vacation dates

Plan ahead to up your chances of getting an upgrade.

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5. Dress up!

Think about it: If, by chance, a spare seat exists in first class or business class, to whom would it be more likely to go to? The well-dressed passenger with neatly coiffed hair or the dishevelled-looking passenger in shorts and slippers? You probably know the answer to this.

Happy man in Business Class seat

Look the part and you could end up in the Business Class section.

6. Have flexible plans

If you can afford to be flexible with your travel plans, why not volunteer to bump yourself to the next flight if yours is overbooked? Your flexibility would give you an advantage in negotiating for an upgrade.

Man looking up at departures board Give up your seat and you might get a better one.

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