7 Essential Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

7 Essential Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Despite our best-laid plans and great intentions, a stomach bug, a seasonal flue, or even jetlag can turn our dreams of a fantastic journey into an ongoing nightmare.

Unfortunately, this happens way too often – we spend long hours around airports and on planes, we don’t sleep enough and tend to overindulge in foods, drinks, and other things that we can’t seem to resist.

It’s like we let ourselves go too easily, firm in a decision that we don’t want to skip a single experience that we could enjoy.

If we forget all about our healthy habits, traveling can completely drain our energy and tax our immune system, making us more vulnerable to illnesses and less likely to achieve our travel goals.

Here are essential tips for staying healthy when traveling.

1. Plan Your Travel in Advance

If you’re traveling internationally, check whether there are some health care concerns and recommendations for the country of your destination.

In some parts of the world, some diseases are more common, but you can still keep yourself safe by following certain measures, such as vaccinations or medications.

In India, for example, there is a higher risk of Malaria, Cholera, and Dengue Fever. When you’re aware of the possible risks, you can take appropriate steps to minimize them and stay healthy.

2. Have A Basic First-Aid Kid

When packing, make sure you always have all the health-related essentials ready.

Understandably, you will pack your prescribed therapy along with the prescriptions, a list of vaccines, as well as the list of any allergies that you might have. 

 If there are any vitamins and supplements you’re regularly taking, don’t forget about them too.

Taking probiotics during travel is a must so that your digestive system keeps running smoothly. Taking probiotic capsules to boost your good bacteria is a great choice for this purpose, as you need to take just one pill a day and have all potential digestive issues covered.

Furthermore, consider packing a first-aid kit that can be helpful with some minor and common health issues. This kit could include painkillers, antiacid medicine, motion sickness medicine, antihistamines, bandages and band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, anti-bacterial cream, sting relief, etc.

Also, make sure you always pack sunscreen and use it daily to avoid possible skin damage.

3. Rest!

Sleep is vital during travel, as it helps you balance your energy levels.

We all know how we feel when we’re tired and sleepy – our minds are foggy, and we tend to act impulsively and make bad decisions.

Plus, we’re often not in the mood to enjoy our experience fully, having our thoughts well set on a moment in the future, when we’ll be able to take a nap.

Plan your days so that your body and mind have enough time to rest, and get 7 to 8 hours of a good night’s sleep.

4. Regularly Hydrate

Dehydration often happens during travels and can affect your wellbeing.

Energy lows, dry skin, headaches, and hunger pangs are the most common symptoms of dehydration. You can easily avoid such issues, but some other more severe consequences, too, if you always carry your reusable water bottle with you.

It’s a good idea to drink infused water – fill your water bottle with lemon or other fruit so that the extra flavor keeps you sipping.

Another benefit of being adequately hydrated is that you won’t mistake your thirst for hunger, and you won’t overeat.

5. Eat Mindfully

Be mindful of food choices you’re making when you’re traveling, and try keeping the balance when it comes to the portions of your meals.

 Commit to eating healthy 80% of the time, and leave the other 20% for indulging in treats. If you decide to have a large or heavy meal, make the next one light and healthy.

Stick to simple and fresh meals most of the time, and make sure to include vegetables and fruits.

When eating out, avoid restaurants that look unsanitary, check out the recommendations, and choose the ones with a lot of healthy meal options.

6. Stick to Your Exercise Plan

It’s not that hard to keep active during your travels.

Start with exploring the options your destination offers so that you can engage in outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking, cycling, or swimming. All of these activities can tire you properly, while at the same time giving you a chance to explore and enjoy your surroundings.

Furthermore, you can bring some of your portable workout equipment and download your favorite training sessions for the days when you can’t hit the gym, pool, or the park.

Just don’t forget to put your daily exercise high on your list of priorities – schedule your training and stick to your plan.

7. Keep Clean

In order to stay healthy, it’s most important to wash your hands often during your travels, using soap and warm water. Avoid touching your face, mouth, or eyes. 

You can use anti-bacterial wipes too, on the occasions when you can’t find water, but remember that they can’t substitute for washing your hands and that they don’t target viruses.

Using the tips above, you’ll stay healthy during your travel, and enjoy your time away.

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Written by Rebecca.B