8 Things To Consider Before Traveling To A Hot Climate

8 Things To Consider Before Traveling To A Hot Climate

While summer is the most popular time to travel to many exotic holiday destinations, in recent years, heat waves are happening more often due to the acceleration of global warming issues even to countries that were once known to be cool places. Here are tips to protect you and your loved ones to have a great vacation.

1) Check the weather

We’re spoilt with choices when it comes to the apps and websites to choose from for weather forecast. Google, Accuweather, Weather Wiz to Weather Channel, whichever source you choose, remember to not rely only on your instinct as this will affect the rest of your trip preparation. Also, it is important to check if your accommodation has air conditioning or cooling system from the guests’ reviews while booking from sites such as https://www.skyscanner.com.my/hotels

2) Stay hydrated

Most of us take trips seriously and plans for active exploration. So drinking plenty of fluids is a must. We recommend oral rehydration sachets – one that you can mix with water and drink in an instant which you can easily get from the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. It contains sugar, salts, and some of the minerals that your body needs.

3) Suitable clothes

Lightweight, light-colored, and loose clothing that allows air circulation with skin is what you need. Please note that clothing that exposes your skin does not always mean better; this will depend on the type of hot weather. The hot and dry weather requires light long-sleeve shirts, and in humid conditions you need to wear clothes that will let your body cool off. Not to forget also the right footwear such as sandals, espadrilles, or boat shoes, as well as proper sunglasses and a hat. 

4) Sunscreen with suitable SPF

To avoid sunburns caused by UV rays that damage the skin, you should consider sunscreen and moisturizer with suitable SPF level. It comes in forms of spray or cream, whichever you prefer, this is really important especially if you spend a lot of time exposed to the sun.

5) Plan well for your daytime activities

The morning hours are the most encouraging time for outdoor activities; avoid the afternoon sun. A good search should be done on the places you would like to visit and duration needed to be in the outdoors. Advisably, during the afternoon you can spend time indoors or shaded places such as going on a tour bus or rest to take lunch and have an ice-cream.  

6) Bring along a smaller day bag

During your exploration, to avoid any discomfort do bring along extra clothes and face towel for the day in case you sweat excessively. Also, a battery powered mini fan is a must in case you have little children going on a trip with you.

7) Know about the diseases at the destination you are going

Hot climate can pose the danger of some illnesses and a suitable environment for life-threating insects. For example, in tropical and subtropical areas the mosquitoes carry malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever. You should follow the precautions by the relevant authorities such as from the Ministry of Health of the country you wish to visit. Moreover, there are some countries that require compulsory vaccinations as a requirement to enter the country.

8) Know more about heat stroke

Heat Stroke can cause death or permanent disability if no immediate actions are taken. The symptoms are dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, and fever. In case you are faced with this situation please do the following;

  • Move the victim to a cool or shaded place.
  • Spray the victim with cool water.
  • Seek medical help.

Quick Tips:

– Make sure that your travel insurance is active to protect yourself from any risk.  

– Do your own search and do not rely on someone’s advice as every individual has different opinions. With the availability of Internet, you can have a clear view of the destination you are going to.

You deserve a good vacation and nothing beats going to a place where you feel the sun touching your skin.

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