9 Most Affordable yet Amazing Holiday Destinations

9 Most Affordable yet Amazing Holiday Destinations

Everything has beauty” – Confucius. Well, only if we have the desire to see it. We must learn to see beauty in everything, appreciate everything on this planet. However, humans have developed taste and choice when selecting people, place and things. Choosing a holiday destination is no different venture and narrowing down a list of amazing holiday spots is even more of a difficult feat. A historical monument in India may whip up your interest at first, excite you a little but with time, the silence and architectural monotony will seem uninteresting. Who is going to take the accountability for taste? Another thing is the money. Money decides happiness these days, sad but the truth. Your holidays and choice of destination is heavily governed by your financial constraints. Is there a way to enjoy life within the means without being guilty?

Here is a list of 9 most affordable yet popular holiday destinations that are definitely a feast to your eyes:

  1. Australia


There are chances of you falling in love with the historical sites and untouched flora of Australia. Every time you will fall hard and love even harder. Considered unexplored by the travelers’ troop, there are touristy destinations within this country that shares beauty of its own food, culture and race with the world. From the magnificent beauty of the Sydney Opera House to Uluru, ending up at the Great Barrier Reef to Bondi Beach, there is something magnetic about Australia that keeps you reeled in. Less explored on many levels, Australia is one of the less crowded and affordable holiday destinations.

Budget: $20-$25 per day

  1. Caucasus


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Amidst the political disruptions, Caucasus still manages to attract tourists with its serene environment, untouched flora, and less crowded areas.This is the destination where you will see the remains of the traditional wooden cottages that are usually noticeable in Georgia. These architectural facades crumble unhurriedly next to the architectural remains of the Soviet era. The luring free flow of the Black sea, the magnificence of the Caucasian Mountain range and the amazing beauty of the town of Tbilisi shall leave you lusting you for more. What is more interesting about Caucasus is its hilltop monasteries that attract travelers from all spheres of life.

Budget: $20-$25 per day

  1. Laos


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Laos is a quiet place, literally. Scarcely populated, country side areas boosting the already existing ethereal beauty and age-old traditions are some of the high-points. Visit Laos to find some peace away from your stressed monotonous lifestyle. The location of this Southeast Asian country is traversed by Mekong River and this accounts for the abundant flora seen here. The mountainous terrain, colonial architecture with a deep French influence and Buddhist Monasteries are some of the reasons why Laos is appreciated by people from all parts of the world. Stay with the local people here in traditional cottages, do gardening, cook, eat and be merry.

Budget: $15-$20 per day.

  1. Nepal


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Nepal shall have you at the cordial “Namaste” and with its unmatched beauty. The idyllic views of Kathmandu, the obvious sturdy mountains in Pokhra, and beautiful people, everything about Nepal is just fabulous. If South Asia is in your list, then go for Nepal without an iota of doubt. As you walk through the arduous terrains amidst the mountains, you will witness the beauty of the Annapurna circuit, and a lot of Yoga centers and restaurants within the Lakeside district. You shall meet new people get to relax at the tea houses and enjoy bonfire under the starry sky at night. Capture the beauty of Nepal with a dark hue of traditions and a slight tint of modernity.

Budget: $20-$25 per day

  1. Mexico


There have been a lot of speculations about the safety of people in Mexico, move past these news and grab the chance to be here. Mexico is a safe country that offers travelers utmost comfort and safety. Apart from the beautiful beaches that are known for affordable Yoga retreats and good food, travelers adore Mexico for the intercity route runs that commence from Mexico City to Oaxaca and Chiapas states, and terminate on the Yucatan Peninsula. Taking a sip of your favorite drink at some beach and munching on some chips, you can have the time of your life here. Choose to stay at the hotels along the coast for better prices.

Budget: $30-$40 per day.

  1. Argentina


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Cheap and fabulous are two words that aptly describe the country. Consider Argentina as one of the popular holiday destinations in the year 2019 and ahead. Even though the country is going through some prevalent economic troubles, you cannot be bothered much as there is so much to enjoy here. Outdoor activities in the terrains that encompass the Andes Mountains and Pampas grasslands is one of the major highlights. The northern Argentina with Cordoba, Salta, and Buenos Aires and The Patagonia Mountain in the far south are the reasons why you cannot afford to miss on this one.

Budget: $25-$30 per day

  1. Indonesia


One of the most affordable destinations in South Asia, Indonesia has top-notch Yoga studios, beaches, and scenic views. The amazing beaches wrap up in its arms the widest spread of the white sands that stretch from jungles till the starting point of the savannahs. On the other hand, witness the volcanoes that emit ferocious fumes that add to the beauty of the destination. Visit Bali for affordable Yoga retreats and meditation sessions or head towards Ubud for bustling local markets, beaches, and good food.

Budget: $20-$25 per day

  1. Thailand


Affordability & easy accessibility are probably the best ways to describe this Southeast Asian marvel- Thailand. You can witness the chic lifestyle in the heart of this destination, Bangkok, greenery and amazing beaches in Chiang Mai, and some of the popular national parks, such as Ang Thong Marine National Park. The destination is popular owing to its easy accessibility to resources, commutation, and cheap delicious cuisines from probably different parts of the world. Head on to the largest conglomeration of Islands at Phuket and also visit small provinces like Krabi, and PhangNga Bay.

Budget: $15-$20 per day

  1. Vietnam


Despite changes that occurred owing to the effects of American war, Vietnam is still a destination loved by one and all. Offering values to the travelling experience, this destination has sublime countryside, limestone karsts, waterways and paddy fields, and finally embellished with the beauty of blissful beaches, and chic cities somewhere located in between. Soothe you soul by devouring delicious Pho noodles, Vietnamese rolls, delicious salads and that too at the expense of a couple of dollars.

Budget:  $15-$20 per day

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