9 Yoga Trends to Try In 2019 & 2020

9 Yoga Trends to Try In 2019 & 2020

Yoga trends?! What in the world is that? There are a lot of jargons and trends in the market these days and each one is focused towards transitioning the correct knowledge to the consumers. Not very long ago, the Global Wellness Institute in collaboration with other renowned organizations came up with wellness trends 2019 and times ahead. The trends speak highly of retreats, hotels with newer initiatives, and strategies pertinent to sustainable traveling. The Yoga industry is a huge contributor and indicator, both, that fueled the process and assures future success. Taking the trail from these consumer-friendly trends, Yoga trends 2019 and 2020 have come under the light and reserves a fair share of consumer attention.

These Yoga trends shall encompass newer forms, modern Yogic techniques and a great deal of knowledge transition for everyone. 2019 and years ahead are going to make up for an entirely different era:

  1. Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is one form that has a celebrity-like stature and is popular amongst a lot of young people and Yogis these days. Originating from the Hindu culture itself, this form was very popular last year and believe it or not, it is expected to stay on the stage for the times ahead. This form of Yoga utilizes hammock-like strings or cloth with people hanging on them and performing on-mat or land poses. You can perform various inversions, backbends, stretches, and full-splits without putting a lot of pressure on your neck, hands, or back. Aerial Yoga is considered to be an anti-gravity form of art or in simpler words, offer Yogis to protect their bones and spine health by remaining off the ground for the entire session.

This form of Yoga is great for the core strength, appeals to people belonging to all age-groups, and lets you utilize your body weight for accomplishing each pose.

  1. Restorative Yoga

What are your expectations from a Yoga experience? More than fitness, it is important that you learn to stay in the moment, align your breathing patterns, and reach the realms of the inner world. When done correctly, Yoga can help you correct bodily functions in profound ways. Based on the principle works of BKS Iyengar, Restorative Yoga allows you to hold each pose for an extended time period than usual and bring your breathing patterns in alignment with the very moment. The Yogic form makes use of bolsters, blankets, and even blocks in order to ensure adequate support to the neck, back, and spine, overall. The idea behind Restorative Yoga is to counteract the effects of stress and a fast-paced life on general physical and mental health. You have an opportunity to delve deep into the silence of the ambiance, do each pose with utmost gentleness and learn to enjoy every breath.

  1. Inner Axis

Feeling weird emotions and seeing body going out of whack? Inner Axis is a new-age Yoga form that claims to bring your mind, body, and soul in alignment. You will experience balanced emotions, fitter body, and relief from a number of respiratory issues. Founded by a US-based teacher named Ma Strom, Inner Axis implements a balanced combination of mindfulness, Yogic moves, and a special technique known as qi gong. The respondents or the Yogis admit of having better sleep patterns, improved anxiety symptoms, and an enhanced ability to tackle stressful situations. Inner Axis is quite popular amongst working professionals and this is why many companies or corporate houses are devising wellness programs that effectively utilizes the art. 2018 was a year of introduction and strife to secure a place, now times ahead will see a rise in the number of Inner Axis lovers.

  1. Yoga Programs for Mental Health

Remember, supplements and workouts may assure a fit body but if you are suffering inside, then it’s of no value. Mental health has been a matter of discussion for a while now and many firms, reports, and surveys have been making the rounds. Increased work pressure in offices, social media, drug abuse, and abusive family environment are some of the reasons why people are suffering since their childhood. Vacations were majorly about going to a new destination, clicking pictures and eating cuisines. The world is changing at a rapid rate and so is the meaning of a holiday. Taking the pain into consideration, travel companies are coming up with special vacation themes like Yoga retreats for complete mental wellness, detox for cleansing, and spiritual retreats for inner awakening. These health cum vacation packages are intended towards supporting people to have both fun and moments of relaxation during a holiday.

  1. Kundalini

How many times have you heard spiritual speakers, Reiki masters or even Yogis saying and talking about “Kundalini Awakening”? Probably, a number of times but little do anyone care about finding the meaning or going in-depth to understand the crux of it. Soon, this concept is going to take the world of Yoga & spiritualty by storm with more people inclining towards it for better health and vibes around. Kundalini Yoga is not like any other art or form of this practice, it is the sadhana or the holistic approach towards attaining full control over your mind, activating your wholesome physical potential and including prayers in your regime to connect with the divine. You can either choose a Yoga retreat at a far-flung place offering Kundalini Yoga classes for a refreshing change or simply go for independent classes in your vicinity.

  1. Acro

Little quirky name but deep soul-satiating benefits. Welcome to the world of Acro Yoga. Yoga trends 2019 and 2020 shall set the stage for the newer forms of Yoga & meditation that offers all in one- fun, cardiovascular health, and a profound sense of achievement from within. Acro Yoga is like living the 5th-dimensional reality, which means sessions helping you grow as a person, eradicating the ego, scraping off the greed of your brain, and attaining optimal physical health. A combination of acrobatics and traditional Yogic moves, Acro also focuses on encouraging both verbal and non-verbal (silence) communication to exchange vibes, relate to one another on a deeper level and reach a higher consciousness. The spiritual beings and people in search of their path shall be enjoying the Acro Yoga to the core in the times ahead.

  1. Light Therapy Yoga

What if a certain colored light heals all your problems? Yes, Chroma Yoga or Light Therapy Yoga is all about harnessing the power of lights. This form of Yoga is primarily for regulating your sleep patterns by increasing the production of serotonin and depreciating the rate of release of the stress hormone called Cortisol. The environment for performing the asanas mimics the daylight and Yogis practice in a low power red light. Scientific studies have proved that exposing a human brain to the red light helps with fatigue, sleeplessness, and mental health issues. Even though the advantages of the Chroma Yoga are debatable till date, Yogis still believe that red light exposure and a closed-room session offers them a feeling of thriving in a cozy cocoon and a lot of delightful experiences while accomplishing a pose. The room lit by red and other lights, calming music, and blanketed cozy environment offers a sense of safety as well.

  1. Yoga Wheels

How about giving your spine that extra TLC? Yes, we get it. Other Yogic forms offer a great deal of spine support but Yoga wheels add to the overall experience and efforts. The year 2018 brought a lot of change in the traditional Yoga practice and advent of the Yoga wheel concept was one of them. Yoga tends 2019 and 2020 shall see major growth in the usage of this tool for better spine health and less muscular stress during the practice. The plastic wheel can be utilized during different poses for that extra support to the spine, back, and neck. So what does this prop actually helps with?

  • Encourages the efficacy of your back-bends
  • Supports forearm stands with the aid of its ability to act as a counterweight in order to help the Yogi to steady his/her every single step and balance the body weight while the lower body is up in the air for a proper forearm stand.
  • The great support to the overall balancing act offers you a chance to strengthen the core area as well.
  1. Ayurveda

Ayurveda is not a new thing. It was there in the world since the time immemorial. Straight from the land of culture and ancient traditions, Ayurveda comes from India, from the times when Sadhus or saints walked the planet. The traditional healing practice involves usage of rare as well as common herbs, such as Basil, Bahamas, and various herbal concoctions to help with ailments, mental health issues or symptoms of chronic illness. Ayurveda is not limited to improving physical health but deeply cleanses the body from within so that you feel great and behave aptly at the correct moment. The ancient healing practice preaches about meal timings, correct food combinations, Doshas, and ways to correct them as well. This was never out of the trend and people from all over the world come down to Southern India for a luxurious experience. You can find Ayurveda retreats in different parts of the world and popularity is just unquestionable.

Yoga Trends for 2019 and 2020 shall be about improving the current practices and making things accessible to people through the internet as well. Situations or circumstances would not stop you from becoming a better version of yourself as both offline and online mediums will be at your disposal.

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