A Guide for the Muslim Foodie in Germany

A Guide for the Muslim Foodie in Germany

So, you’ve picked Germany as your next holiday destination and who could blame you?

Whether you’re going for the history-rich attractions such as the Berlin Wall, the numerous festivals or simply because you’ve heard of its friendly and welcoming people, you are certainly making a choice you won’t be disappointed in. There’s one extra reason you may be going for: the exquisite food. Yahoo! in fact, has ranked German food 5th best in all of Europe! If this is your reason, then keep on reading.

Finding Halal food in pork-abundant Europe can feel like you’re navigating a minefield! Allow us to cut the hassle for you and provide a few spots in the main cities that you should pen into your itinerary. With our list, you will get to enjoy Halal food without any compromise in taste so keep scrolling!


  • Chopan Schwabing (requires pre-booking) (alcohol served)

Located in the entertainment district, Chopan has developed a reputation over the years as one of Munich’s finest restaurants. Chopan serves flavourful Afghan cuisine and its interior is immaculately decorated in red and gold. It consistently pulls in highly rated reviews on both points. An absolute must go!

Note: A pre-booking may be required. It is best to call in to make a reservation beforehand.

  • Kashmir Inn

A restaurant that is widely believed to serve the best Indo-Pakistani cuisine in Munich, Kashmir Inn is a spot you will not want to miss out on! Their meat is sourced every day rather than frozen and combined with generous helpings of herbs and spices, will make for a treat you just can’t get enough.

A comment on Kashmir Inn says: “As an Indian citizen, I can vouch that the taste at Kashmir Inn was as close to as it gets to Indian food! The staff was friendly, helpful and humble. As a vegetarian, I didn’t often have much choices other than Paneer but here I could enjoy Kofta too. We would recommend this to everyone. Tip: Ask for Usman. He will also suggest you what you should order.”


  • Tuk Tuk Indonesian Restaurant

If your taste buds start to feel a little homesick while you are traveling, fret not for Tuk Tuk is there to save the day! Whilst not exactly being Malaysian cuisine, dishes such as their Soto Ayam and Ayam Balado will definitely remind you of the warmth of home and keep any homesickness in check.

One review read as follows: “We have visited Tuk Tuk various times over the last years. Every time we were amazed by the quality of the genuine dishes, the astonishingly friendly staff, and the authentic atmosphere. We highly recommend this place and will keep coming here for Indonesian”

  • Yarok Fine Syrian Food from Damascus

Located in Torstrasse, Yarok is a popular destination amongst those with a palette for Arabic food. With a humble but homely interior, their claims to serve delicious authentic Syrian food is backed up by the rave reviews of many satisfied customers. If you happen to drop by, their Yarock-Plate is a popular dish worth having a go at!


  • MEDINA Steaks&More

We could not leave out Medina Steaks&More due to its undeniable status as the champion of Halal food in Frankfurt. Opened since only 2 years ago, it is known for its juicy, tender and scintillating steaks and burgers. The decorations are beautiful, grand with a hint of Middle Eastern flair. Drop by and you won’t be disappointed, that’s guaranteed!

A review by a patron: “I was with my wife and my two children for dinner on December 24th. Immediately the staff welcomed us making us sit in their beautiful salon. Very clear menu, the dishes were very abundant and really delicious.

The kitchen is visible. Recommended for the quality of the products and the kindness of the staff and the owner.”

  • KISH

KISH is a highly rated Halal food destination located in central Frankfurt. It serves Persian cuisine and is designed lavishly. Do expect to be served with sparkling teapots, aesthetic cutlery and bright smiles at this well-decorated restaurant. Some claim that the Chelobarg is amongst the best in the whole of Europe so be sure to look out for this particular item on the menu!

Should you be visiting Germany to get the feel of Europe for a break from the usual hustle and bustle of Malaysia or for exciting Germany itself, these spots alone will ensure that the journey is a worthwhile one.

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