A Guide on Road trip in Melbourne with Your Squad

A Guide on Road trip in Melbourne with Your Squad

Looking for a perfect destination to go road tripping with your squad? Melbourne is the answer. Rent a car and go hit the road!

Here is a 3-day guide of where to start your road trip out of the bustling city and how to end it just like how our girl squad did.

  1. Puffing Billy Steam Railway

Start your journey from Belgrave all the way to Lakeside or Menzie’s creek or straight to Gembrook – should you opt for a fine dining experience, with scrumptious cuisine which we highly recommend.

The historic ancient Puffing Billy Steam Railway started in early 20th century and is among one of the famous tourist activities in Melbourne to date. This train travels at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour and takes you back to the distant past which makes it feel like a trip back in time.

You can choose to sit with your legs inward or hanging outward in these open air carriages, making this a unique ride, passing through an array of lush forests and Victorian countryside.

Choo choo! Truly an experience like no other.

  1. Great Ocean Road

One of Australia’s most scenic drives, Great Ocean Road promises picturesque & magnificent coastal views. Get ready for several hours of drive, with endless ocean views it was indeed tiring but definitely worth it. No regret as it was a spectacular, breathtaking drive. Let our pictures do the talking.

We managed to make several stops at GOR attractions including London Bridge, Thunder Cove, Lord Arch Gorge, Gibson Step and the 12 Apostles. We were told road trip in Melbourne would be incomplete without seeing the 12 Apostles, the landmark of GOR which is also the highlight of our drive (as seen in our picture above).

We unanimously agreed that this is the ultimate road trip in our lives as believe it or not Great Ocean Road is in everyone’s bucket list when we talk about road trips. As they said, “no trip to Australia would be complete without cruising the Great Ocean Road.” Well it’s safe to say for us we already ticked it off our list – Checked!

  1. Maru Koala & Animal Park at Phillip Island

Make your way to Phillip Island, mainly to see & get close to Australian’s wildlife. Not only you get to see ordinary kangaroo, but to our surprise we get to see albino kangaroo here! The wildlife park is also home to emu, wallabies and tasmanian devil. We also get to pet and feed them.

Highlight of this visit was seeing Koala in front of our eyes, climbing the trees. They were cuter in real life! I definitely can’t get enough of it! It was surreal as they look exactly like soft toys, even softer in real life.

(Fun fact: contrary to people’s *man-made* belief Koala is a marsupial, not a bear. And they sleep 22 hours a day as their diet requires them to conserve their energy for easy digestion.) Must be nice being a Koala huh?

  1. The Nobbies at Phillip Island

Another attraction at Phillip Island is the nobbies where we get to catch a glimpse of penguins hiding inside the hole here. There’s also boardwalks to get closer to the coast.

We were blown away by the spectacular view and the strong waves washing away the coasts here, the views from above the coast on the boardwalk are to die for! A place where lands end and the endless blue horizons begin, absolutely a stunner.

  1. Brighton Beach

We ended our road trip by chilling at the iconic Brighton beach bathing boxes as it is closer to home, which we rented in the heart of Melbourne city.

You could spot the bathing boxes in distinctive bright colours from afar! (which explains the name of the beach, literally)

Also, fun fact: I was told that the boxes were built more than a century ago when Australians were a little more modest and were used by women for privacy when changing into their swimwear. To our surprise it was well-preserved even after more than 100 years.

It was also the best spot to catch the sunset in Melbourne. Totally an instagram-worthy beach in Melbourne, adding a little extra point to this road trip.

All in all, I can attest that Melbourne is an amazing destination for your perfect road trip getaway, and we are lucky KLIA connects us to amazing getaways all over the world; it’s like all your thousand miles journey begin here at KLIA.

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Written by Adlin Afrina

Globe trotter, music enthusiast, food junkie & chic hijabi.