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From reading up on your next great escape to finding the best flight and hotel deals, FlyKLIA helps you plan with the convenience of a single, integrated website.

Our articles feature unique insights by world travellers themselves, including many hidden gems and must-try experiences around Malaysia and other parts of the globe!

New articles are published every month to tempt your inner travel bug, and if that is not enough, we frequently host promotions and contests to reward your wanderlust.

As for booking flights, hotels, as well as car rentals, FlyKLIA works hand-in-hand with Skyscanner to provide you the best deals.

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We will continue to improve the categorisation over time, according to the types of articles that we curate along the way.

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FlyKLIA encourages writers to contribute stories to inspire others to travel. However, we have over the years received many submissions which contained purely advertisements and promotions that benefits ONLY the advertiser. We have removed those posts as they did not not contribute much value to our readers – ‘to create Malaysia’s Largest Travelers Community’.

Hence, while we do not encourage you to advertise for any brands, if you do so tastefully and the links to your website is relevant to the content of the travel articles, we might just give you the go-ahead. The final decision lies with the Editor or the appointed Agency (Heretix360) that manages the website.

Who is Malaysia Airports?

Our Story
Malaysia Airports has come a long way since its incorporation in 1992 when it was corporatised as Malaysia Airports Berhad from its previous standing as a state-run airport operator. In 1999, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad was incorporated as a public limited company and listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia), becoming the first Asian airport operator to go public and only the sixth in the world to do so.

Today, Malaysia Airports is one of the largest airport operator groups in the world—in terms of number of passengers handled—managing 39 airports across Malaysia (with five international airports, 16 domestic and 18 STOLports) as well as one international airport in Turkey.