Active Holiday Ideas on the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have been in the spotlight as a touristic destination for quite some time now. It’s not hard to imagine why, considering it’s the quintessential tropical paradise out of your wildest dreams. It might seem like a small collection of three islands in the middle of Caribbean, but you’ll never be short of activities to enjoy on its coral-covered shores. If you yearn for an action-packed holiday, azure waters and white-sand beaches, this is where you’ll find some nifty active holiday ideas for the Cayman Islands.

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Water-related activities are pretty easy to find in the Caymans. The variety is staggering – from sailing and jet skis to kayaking and fishing. However, if you want to spice things up and do something more unique, kitesurfing might just be right up your alley. It’s perfect for people who want to try challenging outdoor activities. This activity is a surface water sport that requires you to surf on a small board. The point is to put on a harness that’s connected to a kite, which utilizes the power of the wind to drag you across the water. It is a truly exhilarating activity on days when tropical winds are strong.

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If you don’t find kitesurfing exciting enough, why not try parasailing? It is a recreational activity that has you towed by a vehicle (in this case, a boat) while you are attached to a parasail. As the boat speeds up, you will slowly get lifted off the glinting water surface straight into the air. It’s as close as you’ll ever come to flying on high waters, and it’s something you’ll hardly forget until the end of your days.

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Water activities are fun, but what about the land ones? There are many activities that can make you feel like a bona fide adventurer. If you get a chance, travel over to Cayman Brac if you wish to explore several exciting caves that will make you feel like a true treasure hunter. Rebecca’s Cave and Peter’s Cave are some of the renowned rocky gems everyone should see. Exploring the smaller islands is generally amazing, since the islands are relatively small so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

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Vacationing on a tropical island simply isn’t complete without paying a visit to a high-quality spa and wellness center. It might not be a hectic activity, but after a day of running around, relaxing on a massage table is exactly what you need. Wellness services on the Caymans are world-class. Get rid of all the toxins by going through a thorough massage and a sauna session. Top it all off with a yoga class on a sunset-lit beach.



Turtle diving

The greatest charm of visiting such a far-off place is the chance to see some endemic animal species up close. The Grand Cayman is famous around the world for being a home to the only certified turtle farm. Naturally, if you want to, you’ll get a chance to see these amazing aquatic creatures up close with Grand Cayman scuba diving professionals, who also offer guidance and awe-inspiring insider diving trips. Don’t miss this for the world.

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Horse riding

Now, horses might not be particularly specific for the Cayman Islands, but imagine horseback riding along the coastline – with a breeze in your back, splashing waves on your side and endless white beaches in front of you, it’s the closest experience to true paradise you’ll likely get in your lifetime. Just pop by Coral Stone Stables, Honeysuckle Trail Rides or Pampered Ponies Ltd., and pull no stops on this one.

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The Cayman Islands are beautiful, but the question for true adventurers that enjoy new experiences always needs to be answered – is there more to it than just amazing landscapes? The Caymans are not just a small speck in the ocean that offers only a few activities for an average tourist. It’s a treasure trove of sights and delights that will have every possible visitor fall in love with it and crave for a quick return.

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