Australian Winter Adventures

While the Northern hemisphere is experiencing hot weathers associated with summer, in the southern hemisphere where Australia sits, the weather is just about as cold as it can ever get. But winter in Australia is nicer than most other places I’ve been to, because the weather doesn’t fall below negative.

So if you’re looking to enjoy some cool weather, here are some places you can go to!

The Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Beautiful scenery. Amazing food. Lots of wine. Do you need more reason?


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During the winter, Mornington hosts its Winter Wine Festival, Winter Solstice Festival, as well as the Mornington Jazz Festival, so you could probably plan your trip around some of these events, especially the wine festival. Popular winter activities include wine-tasting, dining, shopping, and hot spring dipping.


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Mornington is easily accessible by most modes of transportation, although if you’ve never been in a country where it’s cold, you might want to be more careful on the roads.

Falls Creek, Victoria

Who says you have to go all the way to Switzerland to enjoy some skiing? Falls Creek is Victoria’s biggest alpine resort, and they offer both beginner and advanced skiing lessons so even if you don’t know how to ski, you can learn and enjoy.


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Just a 4-hour drive away from Sydney and Melbourne, the 65-kilometre cross-country trails is something you can really enjoy while skiing, but be sure to check the forecast in advance, although, generally, a good time to visit would be between June to October.

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

If you’re not so much a snow person, you could also go to somewhere a little warmer. During winter, the Northern Territory is at its dry season, which makes it the best time to visit the Kakadu National Park.


Source: Wilderness Kev

What can you do there? Well, a lot has to do with connecting to nature, like bush walking (yes, it’s a thing), camping, scenic flying, boat cruising, or even crocodile spotting (much like Steve Irwin).

Port Douglas, Queensland

Again, a place that’s not too cold, and not hot either. The average temperatures in July is between 16 and 25, so it’s just about right to enjoy the scenic roads around. A big plus is that the humidity during this time is low, so you won’t feel all sweaty and sticky.


Source: Kyle Taylor

For most people, the Great Barrier Reef is the obvious place to go. While the water might be a bit chilly during this period, it’s often at its clearest due to the lack of rainfall, which makes viewing the ocean species all the more satisfying.

Outback Road Trip

If you are a fan of cruising along the road in a car like me, you should go on a road trip. Just rent a car for a day and enjoy the scenery presented by the tropical side of Australia, from Darwin to the desert city of Alice Springs.


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Winter is the best time for a road trip in Australia because it’s not so hot that you’ll feel your skin peeling off, and it’s generally more dry too. You can probably rent a camper van and perhaps prepare a picnic-style meal so that you can just enjoy being on the road all day.

If you want to go for a trip there, you better start planning soon, because…



Kidding, it’s already here. 😀

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