Become a Pro Traveller with these Light-Packing Tips

Become a Pro Traveller with these Light-Packing Tips

Why would you want to lug heavy bags around when you can pack light for flights? You’ll also get to save money from avoiding check-in luggage fees. It may take planning and time, but packing light will pay off in its convenience of carrying.

Plan ahead

This would be the most important of all, so you can carry only what you need and nothing more. What are the weather conditions of your destination? Do you plan to buy any souvenirs? What amenities will your hotel provide? What consumables can you buy at your destination to save you from packing them?

Get a hand-carry sized bag

Carry everything you need on you, so you don’t have to rely on a second piece of luggage. Be sure to maximise space by getting the biggest bag possible within the allowed limits. For exact sizes and weight by airline, see this chart.

Organise your luggage

For long trips, or if you absolutely need to have check-in luggage with you, then organise it the best you can. Packing cubes will help you do this easily. So you can maximise space, and keep things neat. 

Learn how to fold and roll clothes

Especially if you are not going to invest in packing cubes. By rolling your shirts, you’ll get to use every available inch in your bag.

Use solid soaps

A bar of soap takes up less space than liquid soap. Or better yet, if you’re going to a good hotel, you can skip packing soap altogether.

Get a passport wallet

To keep your cash, cards, and passport all in the same convenient holder to save space. 

Wear the largest pieces of clothing during the flight

Like jackets, for example. So they don’t take up space inside your bag. If it gets warm, tie it around your waist. 

Place your socks inside your shoes

If you’ll be packing a pair of shoes other than the one you’re wearing, place things like socks inside them. Then wrap them in plastic bags for cleanliness.

Wear Merino wool clothing

Not only is the material light, but it keeps you comfortable in both cold and hot weather. Plus, it won’t smell easily.

Ensure your clothes are multi-purpose

Speaking of clothing, avoid anything that’s special use. When your clothes are multi-purpose, you can wear the same thing in different scenarios within the same trip. This way, you can afford to pack fewer things. 

Bring laundry soap

If want to pack the least clothing possible, then bring laundry soap or detergent in powder form. This way, you can wash worn clothes in the sink. Sure, this takes work, but you get to save a lot of space. Great for long trips.

Use contact lens boxes 

Let’s say you want to bring moisturiser or lotion. The thing is, Malaysian airports have a limit of 100ml/100gm allowed for liquids. And your favourite brand of cream comes in a much bigger container. Try using contact lens cases to bring small amounts. 

Invest in a microfibre travel towel

Typical towels tend to be thick. If you’re visiting places that won’t provide towels, try buying a microfibre one instead. They weigh a lot less and dry a lot faster.

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