Best Destination in Malaysia – Island Paradise (Semporna)

Best Destination in Malaysia – Island Paradise (Semporna)

One of the best island paradise in Semporna definitely is Mabul Island. The over-the-water villa and the beach were really amazing which is comparable to Maldives which I went before. This island is quite unique as we always can see the Bajau Laut people kayaking around the resort to sell coconut. The Bajau Laut people, which known as “sea gypsies” are open, warm and they could speak simple mandarin due to a lot of China tourist previously. The sea water and beach were very clean which we could easily see deep through the sea from the surface.

In Mabul Island Resort, you could easily take a lot of good photos since it has the best sceneries which is best for photoshooting. Besides, it was very relaxing to stay at the island for whole day even without doing anything.

Visiting island paradise in Semporna without any scuba diving definitely cannot complete for the visit. The Tun Sakaran Marine Park, also known as “The Semporna Islands Park” is the largest marine park in Sabah, Borneo comprising of eight individual emerald green gems set in the azure crown of the Celebes Sea. My first dive experience in Pulau Sibuan was really amazing which I have seen turtle and a lot of underwater creatures which I’ve never been so near to them before. After the first experience, I had decided to obtain open water diving license to continue explore more underwater experiences in future in Semporna. 

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Written by Evon Chang