Best Places to Visit in Asia

Best Places to Visit in Asia

The continent of Asia is not only the largest in terms of its size but also magnanimous in terms of its awe-inspiring diversity, breathtaking natural beauty and the oldest of its kind civilizations. With a compelling mix of culture, traditions and history on side and the uber classy modernity on the other, deciding where to visit in Asia can be overwhelming. So if you’re looking for an inspiration to plan your much awaited holiday in an Asian destination, this post covers some of the best places to visit in Asia.

For your convenience, we’ve listed out this in four different categories such as best cities, island attractions, historical places, and activity-packed destinations. So let’s get started!

Top Cities To Visit In Asia

1. Singapore

Be it culture, history or high-tech innovation, the tiny city-state of Singapore has it all! You could easily spend your holidays here by taking in its Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Fly, and ethnic quarters like China Town and Little India. What’ more; there is even an entire island dedicated to absolute fun, leisure and entertainment with Sentosa Island. So get your Singapore visa and pack your bags; a vacation here promises you a relaxed escape with all right holiday elements.

2. Dubai, UAE 

There is a lot to admire about the UAE’s second largest city as well as the Middle East’s most visited city. From the extraordinarily elegant architecture and unequaled engineering marvels including the artificial Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa etc to the ideal dose of history, culture and traditions, Dubai will effortlessly win your heart. Planning a Dubai holiday is easier than you think; just make sure that you come here armed to spend at least three to four days.

3. Hong Kong 

Hong Kong may be a Special Administrative Region of China, but it enjoys an autonomous rule and absolutely unique as well, thanks to its long complicated colonial past helped by a lively ambience plus spellbinding natural beauty and extraordinary sights and attractions.

Top Island Destinations In Asia

4. Langkawi, Malaysia

While most visitors apply for a Malaysia visa with its capital city (Kuala Lumpur) in mind, its island destination, Langkawi has now begun to grab all attention for its paradisiacal lush beauty, unspoiled coastline, sparkling turquoise waters, and striking mountainous landscape. So if you’re looking to slow down and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, you won’t regret taking a vacation to Langkawi.


5. Phuket, Thailand 

If you’ve already been part of Bangkok’s effervescence and diverse attractions, then this time consider a trip to the country’s largest island at Phuket. It promises you an unforgettable island getaway with its combo of remarkable beaches, exuberant nightlife, intriguing history and vast leisure and dining options. That’s not all; it also serves as a gateway to explore some of Thailand’s most picturesque islands such as Phi Phi, Krabi, and Phang Nga Bay.


6. Maldives 

This stunning destination offers a perfect retreat for beach bums, water sport lovers, and nature enthusiasts alike. After all, Maldives is strikingly beautiful with its endless turquoise blue waters, awe-inspiring marine biodiversity and lush scenery all around. So be ready to get lost in another world as you stay in one of the region’s over-the-water bungalows and experience the freshness of sea breeze and allure of the nature like never before.

Top Historical Places In Asia

7. Angkor Wat, Cambodia 

Of all the historical attractions in Asia, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap stands out being the world’s biggest as well as the oldest religious monuments. Built in 12th century, this UNESCO World Heritage is truly a magical place steeped in history and legends. But this is not all about Angkor Wat, as you’ll get to see hundreds of shrines in the massive 500-acre Angkor Archeological Park.

8. Taj Mahal, India 

Taj Mahal dates back to the 17th century, but it still stands as a symbol of eternal lover. Rightly so, it was built by the Mughal Emperor, Shahjahan, in the memory of his beloved deceased wife, Mumthaz Mahal. It’s so stunning that this monument is listed among the Seven Wonders of the World. So whether you’re a honeymooner or someone looking to discover an intriguing slice of history, be sure to head to Taj Mahal in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

9. Great Wall of China 

No list of historical places in Asia (or probably in the world) is complete without mentioning about the Great Wall of China. Spanning for over 8800 kilometers, its construction is believed to have been started from 7th century BC and beguilingly took over 2000 years for its completion. Not to mention, it’s the longest ever man-made monument.

Top Places For Outdoor Enthusiasts In Asia

10. Bhutan

Bhutan is not all about its ancient monasteries and sacred sites (mainly Paro Taktsang or the Tiger’s Nest); its unscathed mountainous landscape punctuated by verdant woods, captivating ravines and therapeutic hot springs, makes it a favorite of nature lovers too. From whitewater rafting, trekking and mountain biking to kayaking, fishing and paragliding, you’ll also get to indulge in almost all outdoor activities here.


11. Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos is one of the best-kept secrets in Asia and so is its Luang Prabang. This small town tucked away between two rivers is sure to blow you away; courtesy to its postcard-worthy settings sprinkled with generously verdant spaces, ancient shrines, charming waterfalls, and more. In fact, you can expect to participate in numerous outdoor activities that are as diverse as sunrise viewing and elephant tours to visiting morning and night markets to discovering the place by a bicycle.


12. Ala Archa National Park, Kyrgyzstan 

For adventurists and nature lovers, Ala Archa National Park is a real haven with its cool refreshing ambience and lush landscape, complemented by snow-capped peaks, scenic meadows, beautiful rivers and distinct wildlife. Trekking, hiking, and skiing are among the activities you can enjoy here. And the best thing is that the place is just 40 kilometers away from the capital city of Bishkek, making it one of the best day trips during your Kyrgyzstan holiday.


Whether you’re looking to embark on an once-in-a-lifetime adventure trip or a stylish urban escape or even want to discover the ancient past, we hope that this list of top places to visit in Asia caters to every interest.

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