Best Sydney Restaurants for Tourists

Best Sydney Restaurants for Tourists

So, you finally arrived in the Land Down Under, also known as Australia or ‘Straya as locals tend to call it. This wonderful continent-state is full of exciting things to see and do. There are endless beaches, gorgeous weather all year round and great recreation possibilities. There is no better place to experience the greatest things Australia has to offer than its capital Sydney. As long as you don’t ask about the Boys Choir concerts or someone’s ancestors (a big no-no) you’re up to a great time exploring this city. If you’re a type of tourist that likes to experience worldwide cuisine, Sydney has a wide variety of restaurants to go to. In this article, we will try to exhibit you the most representative dining places in the Australian capital.

Henry Deane

If you want to instantly fall in love head over heels with Sydney, we would like to recommend you panoramic sky bar Henry Deane, at top of the Hotel Palisade. This charming place is outfitted based on 1920s Hollywood,  with pink leather and copper furnish, but its main attraction is a spectacular view on Sidney’s famous waterfront. This invigorating and bustling part of the capital will spread right in front of your eyes, providing you one of the most beautiful views on the continent. This is the place for going all out like there’s no tomorrow, ordering luxury food and drinks, and spectacular panning shots of Sydney’s incredible skyline.


Quay has a well-deserved reputation, not only as Australia’s most awarded restaurant but also as the place with the best harbor views in the entire Sydney. Recently, this famous establishment underwent a big scale redesign, which provided it a refreshed dining room and fashionable kitchen. Quay boasts with the finest cuisine, including the signature 10-course tasting menu based on the variety of ways to prepare oysters. This restaurant also offers a perfect dessert in the form of aerated then frozen white chocolate ganache, called White Coral.

Ripples at Chowder Bay 

Wherever you are seated at this restaurant, you will get a spectacular view of the breezy waterside stretching from Watson’s Bay to northern headlands. It is quite difficult to beat this magnificent sight, but Ripples manages to do that nonchalantly with its tasteful menu based on Italian-style food and exquisite wine card. With all that it’s easy to spend the whole day in this restaurant without noticing. Ripples’ is a true gem of Sydney and one of the obligatory places if you like Italian food.


Speaking about Italian restaurants, we cannot allow ourselves to miss Chiosco. This restaurant is a sister restaurant to much more exclusive Ormeggio, but it has a lot to offer on its own. Sydney citizens like to take tourists and out-of-towners to Chiosco and offer them an ultimate outdoor dining experience. You can choose some of the classic Italian dishes or grab some snack picnic style. Just try not to overindulge in Chiosco’s famous Nutella-filled doughnuts, unless you’re into visiting Church St Dental, the patron saint of healthy teeth. All in all, this is a place you can easily imagine yourself going to grab a bite after swimming or bushwalk.  


If you are a more luxury-oriented type of tourist, you probably wouldn’t miss an opportunity to dine at the Sydney Opera House. Bennelong restaurant is based at the foundation of the famous landmark, and it offers cathedral-like interior, amazing view, and top of the line menu. Before indulging in delicious cuisine, you’ll have to decide between five diverse dining options. You can either sit at the counter and watch the chefs’ magic at work or go up in the Circle dining room and make the best out of a magnificent view from there. Bennelong is truly the most exclusive restaurant to visit in Sydney.   

Coogee Pavilion

If you’re willing to experience a perpetual beach holiday atmosphere no matter the season, head over to Coogee Pavilion, the place of eternal summer. It’s a place where everyone can find something that will fit their taste. You can take a cup of coffee, grab a smoothie or visit the games area to have some nostalgic fun. Concerning food, it ranges from wood-fired pizza to sophisticated seafood meals. Of course, this restaurant also has a viewpoint area on top, so you can enjoy gazing at the beach panorama with the drink of choice.  


Being the capital of Australia, Sydney has some spectacular places you can visit. The most famous aspect of this city is the diversity of gourmet dining, which is among the best in the world thanks to its own unique style. Each part of the city has its own style of dining restaurants so you are sure to find something that will color you impressed.

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Written by MiaJohnson