Birthday and honey-trip that brings a surprise that changes our lives

Birthday and honey-trip that brings a surprise that changes our lives

It was our long planned honeymoon and my 26th birthday celebration cum new year countdown trip to Taipei.

On our first day of our journey, everything went smooth. We managed to hop into the places we planned to visit and eating food we loved so much from the night market.

Well, me being easily “constipated” when I travel, I’ve went to Family Mart and bought a large Yakult drink and finished it at one go. Not sure if the “bacteria” is going too actively in my intestine, the next day, I started to have diarrhea and pain around my abdomen area. We didn’t bother about this much, as we continue our journey for our site visiting. However, things gotten worst when I started vomiting, and nearly fainted. Can you imaging you are experiencing that during a weekend where you can’t get any clinic’s opening?

My husband then got worried can contacted our airbnb owner to get emergency contact. Was lucky to find a nearby hospital which open 24/7. I was diagnose with minimal “bacteria” infection in my intestines, and got a surprise news at the same time. As an ultrasound was done around the abdomen, we were also informed that I was pregnant for 5 weeks, without myself noticing it. After gotten a jab from the Dr and some medication, i feel better and regain my appetite. The next day was the new year eve. We were still very energetic waiting for the celebrities live performances and enjoyed our fireworks. Talking about Taiwan, my eyes will surely glow. I love its culture, food, and its weather. From traditional to modern bites, I want to have sample thousands of Taiwanese dishes in my mouth. I love to walk slow, and meet with someone who I not know. It a fun of joy, chasing my own shadow. Cake and dessert, row by row. It is possible to get them into stomach by just a swallow.

Look out the window, the cloud look like marshmallow.  Culture, natural, and there are still more yet I don’t know.

Hope to have this opportunity to glow !

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Written by Ai Fen