Budget Journey in Krakow

During the end of last year, My sister invited me to go visit her in Poland, Krakow! She already has been working there for a year. I heard of Poland during the Euro Cup 2012 but never really know what country is this and where is it located.

So I had my flight from KL to London and then transit to Krakow by RyanAir. I was really surprised when I reached the country as there were so less asians and tourists. The people there most of them do not speak english but their own polish language so I had hard time to communicate with the local. Luckily with the help of my sister, we able to order foods, buying subway tickets, and asking the location successfully as she knows how to speak the basic Polish language.

We got to visited many of the landmarks and tourist spots in Krakow but the place that did amazed me was the Auschwitz concentration camp! It was also important to me to visit a place that had such a significant impact on our history. What astounds me is that the unspeakable crimes that happened here were really not that long ago. It’s important for me to remember that.

Overall the trip was so relax and I hope I can get back to visit this eastern Europe country soon again!








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Written by jacktheo