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?? Plan your next affordable weekend getaway: No leave, no money, no problem!

  This article is brought to you by Skyscanner. Malaysia is blessed with some of the best air connectivity in the region, meaning exotic bargain travel doesn’t need to be a dream. Skyscanner shows you how to get the most out of your hard earned ringgit with our best selection of fabulous weekend getaways and […]

Train Running Status- What Do You Want to Know?

Train running status means knowing the railway running status live, even while making the journey. Technology has made immense progress, and in every sector of your life, it has a deep impact. Therefore, it is now super easy to check live train running status, and thus, you can arrange your program, based on the train […]

Skyscanner Travel Advisory – Boracay Island Closure, Japan Levy, and Malaysia GE

This article is brought to you by Skyscanner. With recent events, we want to make sure Skyscanner travellers know what to do should any of them affect you. What’s inside: 1. Boracay closure 2. Japan travel levy 3. Malaysia General Elections. 1) Boracay Closure: 26 April to 26 October 2018 The Philippine Government announced that […]

Why Choose Indian Railways for Traveling in India

India is a nation that has far been drenched in culture and heritage that one can normally imagine. If one has not explored its natural beauty and historic magnificence in person, it’s not justice done to this incredible country. Travelling to various parts of India makes an interesting experience, helps you learn the culture and […]

Travel Hygiene: How to Stay Fresh and Clean During Trips

There are many undisputed benefits of travelling that keep us constantly hungry for more: the excitement on the road, the joy of meeting new people and cultures and the things we learn about ourselves and the world. However, as much as we love taking trips, it doesn’t go without a challenge or two. Most of […]

Luxury Trains of India You Must Travel in with Your Partner

India had once been one of the most opulent countries in the world. It was considered one of the most prosperous nations having one of the strongest trade routes and the richest cultures. The country had more gold than one could count and spice varieties that attracted traders from across the globe. However, with time, […]