Celebs on Spotlight: Hannah Tan, Multimedia Influencer

Celebs on Spotlight: Hannah Tan, Multimedia Influencer

“I realise on a personal note that there are a lot of things that I didn’t really need, and I think it stripped us all down to the basics, stripped us all down to what is essential…there are a lot of things that we could have lived without, but these were extras, and instead of fussing about what was lost, we try and switch it around and look at it and appreciate the things that we still have, and what we already have, what we’ve retained.”

—Hannah Tan
Disclaimer: as the interview was conducted via Zoom, the video quality is not as clear as possible, and there may be technical issues.

Do you wish to know more about Hannah Tan? Here are some of the questions in this video:

  • How has the MCO affected your personal life?
  • Did you have any travel plans affected by the MCO?
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Hannah Tan is a singer-songwriter, model and actress who has struggled through many hardships throughout her life. We interview Hannah Tan over Zoom about the troubles she has been facing recently, whether they are caused by the MCO or unrelated to COVID-19. We split the interview into two parts, and in the first part, it focuses on the challenges Hannah has faced during the MCO.

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