Celebs on Spotlight: Naddy Rahman, Social Media Influencer

Celebs on Spotlight: Naddy Rahman, Social Media Influencer

“I know there’s a lot of uncertainties, I think it has affected me emotionally and mentally, so I feel like it actually grew me to be someone that is more, like, patient and chill, … everything’s going to be okay, … because now is the best time for you to explore your talents and skills. And you definitely need to be very, very strong about it, and, like, just don’t give up.”

—Naddy Rahman
Disclaimer: as the interview was conducted via Zoom, the video quality is not as clear as possible, and there may be technical issues.

Want to know more about Naddy Rahman? Here are some of the questions we asked her during the interview!

  • How has the MCO affected your personal life?
  • Did you have any travel plans affected by the MCO?
  • What is your latest project?
  • If you could teleport to any part of the world for two minutes, where would you go and why?

Naddy Rahman is a law graduate, part-time model and social media influencer. She co-founded the Alicia Sophia shoe brand with her sister Zana Rahman. Recently, during the MCO, she was stuck at home with little else to do as her work and holiday plans have to be cancelled. So, she started learning how to bake from her mother and tried her hand at making a few things. Her neighbours loved her baked goods so much they encouraged her to sell her cookies, cakes and bread. Thus, she has also co-founded Baked With Butter with her mother, a home-based business where people can book her baked goods to be bought and delivered. She is most proud of her “Roti Naik” which is a large, super-fluffy loaf that can be torn into smaller buns. The average shelf life of the Roti Naik is between two to five days when kept at room temperature, but the bread is usually finished in less than a day, so she keeps getting orders for Roti Naik regularly.

We interviewed Naddy Rahman via Zoom about how the MCO has affected her life recently and what she has learned throughout this period. Take a look at the video below to see how she has striven through the months during the MCO!

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