Celebs on Spotlight: Zarul Umbrella, Former Flight Attendant

Celebs on Spotlight: Zarul Umbrella, Former Flight Attendant

“You can’t just have good looks, be smart, everything, but you have to serve people from all generations, all kinds of languages, and we have to clean the toilets, we have to become nurses, we have to become police, everything.”

Zarul Umbrella
Disclaimer: as the interview was conducted via Zoom, the video quality is not as clear as possible, and there may be technical issues.

Get to know more about being a flight attendant by watching our interview with Zairulkefli bin Husin a.k.a. Zarul Umbrella! Here are some other questions we asked Zarul Umbrella about:

  • You have your own YouTube channel, what’s your objective for creating it?
  • You have travelled overseas a lot but is or isn’t there an overseas destination that you’ve never been to before but dream of going?
  • Tips for FlyKLIA readers who love to travel?

Zarul Umbrella is a former flight attendant for Malaysia Airlines for 17 years before becoming a singer and actor. He has his own YouTube channel that discusses several aspects of the aviation industry, chiefly from the perspective of its workers and former workers.

During the interview with Zarul Umbrella, we asked him about his most memorable moments during his time as a flight attendant as well as his favourite travel destinations. Watch the video to learn more about his tips for those interested in becoming flight attendants, as well as tips for those who are interested in travelling!

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