Choose Your Own Fiji Adventure

Choose Your Own Fiji Adventure

Fiji is one of those havens that seems to be on everybody’s bucket list, and with good reason. Whether you’re looking for a place to spend your impending honeymoon next year, searching for a family-friendly getaway or planning an epic trip with your friends, you can’t go wrong with Fiji. Depending on who you go with, you’ll alter your plans or activities a bit, so here is a quick rundown of some fun and/or relaxing options for visiting this fairy tale archipelago.

Embarking on an independently-planned family trip

If there is a place where you can tailor your trip to your family’s needs, it’s Fiji. Heavenly weather that doesn’t change much, picture-perfect sandy beaches and good food galore – this destination truly has everything! Add to that a culture that’s abundant with love for kids and you got yourself a winner! If you choose to stay at a resort, most of them will have kid clubs and nanny services which will allow parents to sneak out for dates filled with massages, drinks or maybe snorkeling and cave exploration.

Stepping away from the chosen resort, families can enjoy together the landscape through ziplining, guided river cruises and swimming. Of course, events are held throughout the year and are also a great choice for families. Such is the Diwali Festival held thanks to Fiji’s considerable Indian population. This Festival of Lights is due in October and marked by spectacular sights of lights, firecracker shows and fun under the stars that will enchant your kids, especially if they have been complaining that they want to stay up late.



Backpacking with your favorite allies

If you choose to go with your crew, chances are you will be up for some partying and memorable activities. Thank god Fiji is full of festivals and other enchanting events. A great choice is the Bula Festival in July which celebrates the heritage of Fiji. For starters, it has a parade in the city of Nadi and believe us, experiencing a parade with your friends will be something you will remember. Calculate in singing, dancing, and an all-around captivating positive atmosphere and you’ll see why this event is a must-visit. Another great festival is the Hibiscus Festival in August that draws thousands of festivalgoers who revel in the food, sports, music, dance, and crafts.

The perfect graduation spot

For everyone looking for a great destination for schoolies 2020, Fiji is a godsend thanks to its perfect landscapes and activities tailored for Instagram. Of course, you’ll want to snorkel at the coral reefs, but with all the dangers they have been facing, you should choose wisely. A great choice is Votua Village and its Marine Protected Area (MPA). The views are astonishing, so get in touch with the locals because they are the only ones allowed to take you there since they are caring for the coral reefs that they are rebuilding themselves!

Bear in mind that Big Bula Waterpark on the Denarau Island is a great choice that will have you laughing all the way, thanks to its big waves for surfing, palm-climbing and ginormous water slides. Vying maybe for some Insta-worthy pictures of some wild nights out? Then look no further than the notoriously awesome party resort island – Beachcomber Island!

Whatever you choose, you will have a well-deserved blast after the most demanding school year you’ve had so far, so remember to relax, have fun and look after yourself and your friends.


Discovering the culture with your bae

Is there a better trip than one where you get to explore a new place with your significant other? When planning your honeymoon, why not pick Fiji? Calculate in visits to its villages and the fact that you should participate in a gift-giving ceremony called sevusevu. Not doing so may cause disrespect and besides, this is another great experience and memory.

Moving on, forgo the usual travel tips and enjoy Fiji’s Kadavu Island as eco-tourists who stay in resorts that grow their food and cooperate with the locals. This place will reward you with lush jungle coves and the fourth largest coral reef in the world – the Great Astrolabe Reef!

So there you have it, proof that Fiji has something for us all. This also goes for everyone – when planning your trip, hidden costs can creep up on you if you aren’t careful. So even though Fiji truly is a haven for backpackers and other fun-seeking travelers, there is a lot of scenarios where an unsuspecting tourist that didn’t do their homework can end up spending lots of money on extra costs when booking accommodation, such as meal plans and transport, so stay focused and thorough before and during this trip of a lifetime!

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