Christmas Isn’t Christmas Till It Happens In Your Heart

Christmas Isn’t Christmas Till It Happens In Your Heart

Christmas brings to mind Santa Claus, the bringer of gifts to good children everywhere. This is actually based on the legend of St. Nicholas, the bishop of Myra who lived during the third and fourth century. In one story, he saved three young girls from a life of prostitution by secretly sending three bags of gold to their debt-ridden father to be used as their dowries. With that said, let us take this opportunity to be a blessing to the poor and needy so that they can have a blessed Christmas.

Here are some verified charities that are actively helping out during this time.

Caremongering Malaysia

Caremongering Malaysia is a group that was started back on 17 March 2020 as a “Community Response to COVID19” immediately after the government’s announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO). The objective of this group is to encourage volunteers to look out for those who are vulnerable around their own neighbourhood, such as the elderly and invalids. They have an online system where people can apply for help; applicants are then vetted and can then post on their Facebook group after approval. Most individuals are helped within 24 hours. To date, there are over 11 thousand members in the Facebook group, each caring for their own communities in their own regions by joining a local WhatsApp group where they can share and receive directions for what’s being needed. 

World Vision Malaysia

World Vision Malaysia started in 1997 as a Support Office within the partnership of World Vision International, an international Christian humanitarian organisation focused on overcoming extreme poverty and injustice among children and families. The organisation’s Malaysia Assistance Fund supports children and child-related development work in Mukim Tulid and Tatalaan in Sabah, where the poverty rate is the highest in Malaysia. In partnership with the local government and communities, they help provide for the basic necessities of the locals, such as access to clean water and sanitation facilities, improved health and nutrition knowledge, improved quality of education, improved livelihoods, and awareness of child rights. In this season of giving, their Gifts of Hope initiative lets you give a practical and thoughtful gift to those in need. Gifts include school bags and stationery for children, chicks and cows for families, and toilets for the community.

Hospis Malaysia

A hospice is an organization that provides holistic medical support for patients with life-limiting illnesses. This medical care is termed palliative care which aims to improve the quality of life of the patient at whatever stage of the illness they may be in, and is often recommended even as the patient is undergoing treatment for the disease itself. Hospis Malaysia works together with healthcare professionals in public and private settings to treat and relieve symptoms of the patient. The service is provided free of charge and funded almost entirely by donations and corporate grants. They have recently embarked on several charity campaigns to help drive funding for their activities. This year, Hospis Malaysia has organised a Christmas Charity E-Bazaar where you can buy foods and gifts while at the same time provide funding for their services. Visit to donate directly to Hospis Malaysia.

Rumah Kita

Rumah Kita is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was founded in 2015 by the late Vimmi Yasmin Razak to care and provide for abandoned single mothers. They provide temporary housing and care, including pre-natal and post-natal care, for single pregnant women from those in their third trimester up until post confinement. Vimmi Razak has passed away in 2018, but her legacy continues to this day. You can help them with their operational costs by donating to them here.

Feed the Needy

Feed the Needy is a soup kitchen founded by Uma Pushpanathan in 2004 to provide food for the homeless. It is one of the signature projects of Lions Club of KL Bukit Kiara where they distribute hundreds of pre-packed vegetarian meals for those who cannot afford food. This programme is run every week from Mondays to Fridays, and all monetary donations go towards funding the food as members of FTN volunteer their time and effort to keep those on the streets of Kuala Lumpur from being hungry. If you wish to donate to their cause, you can call the club at 012-296 7872 or 012-917 1196.

This Christmas, let us all give the gift of love to our neighbours. You might ask, who is our neighbour? Well, it’s anyone we see who is in need. We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others. Let us know in the comments if there are any other charities you think deserve our attention especially during this time of COVID so that we can help as many as possible.

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