Cuti-Cuti Penang

Cuti-Cuti Penang

Penang is definitely our family’s all-time favourite Cuti-Cuti Malaysia destination. We try to go once a year during less peak season so we get to enjoy Penang better without the school holiday crowd. We love Penang not only for the food but the people, beaches, rich cultures, both traditional and modern structures and it’s uniqueness. There is always something new and different to explore every time we go, we can never get bored of Penang! We prefer exploring local and less famous spots rather than doing touristy stuff to make us feel more homey and close to the people of Penang. We really enjoy our time in Penang, a really good break away from our everyday fast fast and busy KL life. Penang has a really good living pace and is a really good destination for a recharge, definitely feels refreshed and extremely happy after a trip to Penang!

Miami Beach, not a touristy beach, we enjoy the calmness and view especially during sunset.

“Wah! Look! 很美啊” Penang Bridge that never fails to amazed us, will for sure drive slower to enjoy the bridge every single time.

Enjoying otak-otak and coconut water the local way at a local spot by the seaside. There was no crowd, enjoyed the sea breeze all to ourselves.

Simple scenery like these are always so cool and new to us, something we don’t get to see and experience very often. A different path of life we admire.

And of course, not forgetting the good food! Our all time favourite that we for sure cannot get elsewhere.

Thank you Penang for being so welcoming and wonderful ❤️ We miss you and can’t wait to be back when the situation is better! Meanwhile do stay safe and take care! We shall meet again soon! 

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Written by Nicole Yap