Delicious Coffee Deliveries Straight to Your Doorstep

Delicious Coffee Deliveries Straight to Your Doorstep

What keeps us going better than a nice cup of coffee? A great cup of coffee! Here at FlyKLIA we’ve sought out some of the best deals for coffee deliveries from both East and West Malaysia. Time to explore some new varieties of coffee!


3coBrew started up recently with the passion and aim to deliver delicious drinks right to the doorsteps of others. With the recent pandemic and with many working from home, many people find it difficult to get their usual fix from their favourite cafes, especially when it comes to coffee, so 3coBrew is providing drip bag coffee that is easy and convenient to brew to start the day right. Based in Ara Damansara, they aim to provide quality ground coffee beans in drip bags for coffee lovers nationwide and are still expanding their reach of coffee flavours to suit the needs of customers. They’ve started off with a unique blend of Yunnan, Papua New Guinea, and Brazil beans for a more earthy and dark tone. Within two months of their business running, they have sold over 500 drip bags!

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Use code 3COFLY to get a 20% discount when you order via their Instagram page or via WhatsApp at 017-4833234 (Calvin)! Valid until 31 December 2021.

Yans Coffee

With four years of experience in the field of coffee, Yans Coffee—based in Puncak Alam, Selangor—has been trying, innovating, and choosing coffees that are suitable for Malaysian tastes. They have decided to go with drip coffee as they believe it is one of the best methods of extracting the original flavour of coffee beans, and it even gives a sense of ceremony as you pour the hot water with patience and watch as the coffee drips into your cup. Many Malaysians have found their blend to be just the right taste: not as intense as Brazilian coffee, without the sour notes of African coffee, with just a mild sweetness, so they sold over 600 bags of their coffee not even into their first month of business!

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Mount Kinabalu Coffee

Wish to try some local beans for your next cup of coffee? Mount Kinabalu Coffee features locally grown high-quality Arabica coffee beans that originate from the foothills of Kinabalu Mountain in Sabah and are traditionally roasted using firewood. It is highly aromatic and induces a sense of ‘aramaiti’—the local Sabahan slang that simply means pure enjoyment or the feel-good sensation that one gets to experience while drinking a nice cup of coffee. Additionally, when you buy coffee from Mount Kinabalu Coffee, you would also be empowering the local community as well!

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Use code MKCxFLYKLIA to get a 20% discount when you order via their website! Valid until 10 December 2021.


The word “MY” is very versatile: firstly, it means “belonging to I” at its most basic meaning; secondly, it is a widely-recognised abbreviation of “Malaysia”; thirdly, it has a similar pronunciation with the word ‘买’ in Mandarin, which means “buy”. Thus, the idea behind naming their company MY.KOPI is to demonstrate the uniqueness of Malaysia where multiple ethnicities live harmoniously together in the same country. They sell drip bag coffee, offering coffee blends, such as their Home Blend and Signature Blend; and select single-origin coffees such as Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Indonesia Mandheling. They also feature a Wedding Trial Pack with six sachets each bearing a different design, meant as either door gifts at weddings or a wedding gift to friends; for orders above 200 sachets, do contact them for wholesale pricing.

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Use code MYKOPIFLYKLIA to get a 10% discount with a minimum spending of RM50 when you order via their website! Free shipping to West Malaysia; free shipping to East Malaysia if total purchase is more than RM150. Additional 2 sachets of Signature Blend to be given out for free with any purchase. Valid until 10 November 2021.

PJ Boy Coffee

The story of PJ Boy Coffee began with a hobby of baking: several years ago, Jaime Sam started baking as a hobby, which eventually became a full-fledged business called Grace Creations while she was still studying in university, and so she also became a supplier to cafes and restaurants. As there was a bit of demand to pair her baked goods with coffee, she sought out her avid coffee-drinking brother, Mike Sam, to start a coffee business to complement her bakery business. So about a year ago, PJ Boy Coffee was born. It started out with only black or white (milk coffee) cold brew that’s produced by 22 hours of steeping, but have since expanded to also sell cold brew teas, matcha lattes, and even 78% dark chocolate drinks made using locally-grown cacao beans from Seniman Kakao. Now, people can order PJ Boy Coffee drinks via Grace Creations as well, and they do limited-run sets every now and again.

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Get one free bottle of cold brew tea with every purchase of RM50 (excluding delivery)! Valid until 31 December 2021.

Brew 9

Five years ago, Brew 9 began as a home startup in Brunei. Mirshal Lourdusamy had just moved there completely alone. The idea of selling cold brew coffee came to her because she wanted to make an honest living with something she’s passionate about while serving the community at the same time. She would invite friends and neighbours to try her cold brews, gather feedback, research and improve before she even started to sell coffee. Mirshal started with a few bottles sold from her home, which expanded to around 20 to 30 bottles sold at each pop-up stall in Brunei, and in less than a year over 3000 bottles have been sold in Malaysia via coffee deliveries! Brew 9 handcrafted Specialty Cold Brews are brewed in-house fresh daily, with 10 different varieties including Cold Brew Cascara, Cold Brew Houjicha Coconut, and Cold Steeped Chocolate. Recently, they took to crowdfunding to expand their humble home cafe into a shop lot, which has since ended and they were able to raise a little bit of funding. If you would like to support their endeavour, the best way to support them now is to try their cold brews out. They’re also doing corporate events and wholesale partnership programmes with the specialty cold brews, and they’re expanding to other states as well.

FlyKLIA exclusive offer: Get any 4 Specialty Cold Brews for only RM40! Valid until 10 December 2021.

Perk Coffee Malaysia

As the largest coffee subscription service in Southeast Asia, Perk Coffee is no stranger to coffee lovers in the region for their coffee deliveries. They have several varieties of coffee from all around the world, and they occasionally have some limited edition beans too! You can customise your coffee according to your needs: how often you need your coffee (from every 5 weeks to every week); whether you need whole beans, ground (French press, cold brew, drip, moka pot, AeroPress, espresso), and even in drip bags. Lately, they also started offering Nespresso-compatible pods as well, but the pods are only limited to certain varieties. Best of all, if you can’t decide between the 10 regular flavours they have in store, go for Explorer Mode where they will surprise you with something different with each delivery! There are also several other surprises waiting for you when you subscribe to them!

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Lawas Highland Estate

Lawas Highland Estate is no stranger to the coffee aficionados in Miri for being a supplier of Misty Mountain Sarawak Arabica Coffee, one of the best freshly roasted coffees in town. They supply their Misty Mountain coffee beans to both Route 66 Cafe in Miri and Earthlings Coffee Workshop in Kuching. The name “Misty Mountain” comes from the place where the coffee is grown, at about 1,000 metres above sea level in a place called Ruan Acang. It has a cool climate of between 18–26 ̊C; the high elevation and rich soils produce a uniquely fragrant aroma that must be savoured to be believed. This was started seven years ago by Baru Bian in the hopes of empowering his own Lun Bawang tribal people in the Lawas Highlands of Sarawak, and today Lawas Highland Estate boasts over 20,000 shade-grown Arabica coffee trees that range between 1 to 7 years old. Misty Mountain coffee is described as ‘Well-rounded Berry Sweetness, Caramel and Honey’.

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What’s your favourite type of coffee? Which of these coffee deliveries are you going for? Let us know in the comments which coffee fits your flavour profile! Don’t forget to check out our article on the tastiest tarts in the Klang Valley for delicious treats to go with your coffee!

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