Discover Tetiaroa: Pippa Middleton’s Luxury Honeymoon Destination

If you haven’t heard of it by now (although you probably have since it’s been all over the news), Pippa Middleton got married. And she was very specific about the guest list, as expected. Her wedding was absolutely fabulous, no questions there, but what left everyone speechless was the honeymoon destination she’d picked to celebrate her nuptials at. A little hint: it’s in French Polynesia – a small, paradise-like island worthy of royalty…

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If lucky, you’ll be vacationing there this time next year. If that chance skips you, here’s a little insight into what’s so spectacular about the island and why everyone’s in love with it. Read on, and soon enough you will also wish to book a (one way) flight to this paradise destination.

Why this place?

The island of Tetiaroa in Tahiti is perhaps one of the most beautiful islands you will ever visit. With crystal clear water and long sandy beaches, this is as close as you can get to paradise. However, Pippa and her husband chose this place because it’s quiet. You know how exhausting the lifestyle of celebs can be, and they need their privacy just as much as everybody else. After all, there is literally only one villa on the island for guests to choose, making it a perfect spot to hide away for some fresh loving.

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Where can you stay?

When you arrive at the island, you’ll be directed towards the Brando, the only resort named after the famous actor. Yeah, you guessed it – Marlon Brando. It is a world of luxury, to say the least! Usually, there is nobody there to bother the guests, so the newlyweds can truly enjoy their honeymoon at this slice of heaven. The resort doesn’t come cheap, though; unless you’re ready to pay a hefty price, you won’t be spending a single night there. Sorry!

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Is it famous?

It was famous even before Marlon Brando made it more renowned; it was once the Tahitian royal family’s favorite retreat, so you can only imagine the lavishness of this area. Other than that, if you want an eco-friendly and self-sustaining resort, you should look no further – Tetiaroa is the place for you. Once you arrive there, you will feel like a royalty, that’s for sure!

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What can you do there?

The island is both a blessing and a curse, since you can do everything and at the same time – nothing. With Bob’s Bar being the only place to visit besides the resort, if you stay for a long time, it might become boring – unless you’re into adventures, that is. There is plenty to explore in terms of natural beauties, which makes for a sweet slice of adventure. For couples, it’s ideal, as they can take long romantic walks on the beach, enjoy the sunset and memorize every single second spent at this marvelous place.

Additionally, the couples can go for a swim in the azure waters and discover the stunning flora and fauna. Also, snorkeling in the clear waters can be an experience of a lifetime. Also, don’t forget to have some fun with turtles at the local turtle sanctuary; they are cuter and friendlier than you’d think. Last but not least, if you feel a need for speed, you can always try kite-surfing and ride the waves.

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Is it inspirational?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock all your life, you couldn’t have missed the animated movie Moana, which drew heavily from the French Polynesia for inspiration. The island of Tetiaroa was used as a model for the island seen in the movie, which makes it even more inviting. Fun fact – Barack Obama, the previous president of the USA, is planning to spend a longer period of time there to work on his memoirs. Ha, go figure.

They say happiness doesn’t require money but we beg to differ – well, at least if you want to enjoy these incredible sights and the divine local service that’ll treat you like you’re the most important person on earth. Naturally, it takes two to tango and make a marriage work, so there may be something about that no-money happiness after all. Or, let’s just agree that the mix of the two works best.

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