Discovering Milan as the Place to Be for International Students

Discovering Milan as the Place to Be for International Students

Being a leading fashion city in Europe is just one of the things Milan is known for – its amazing architecture also makes this city a desirable tourist destination. And if you are interested in spending your student days there, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Whether you are going to spend a single year or entire studies in Milan, this incredible city has so many amazing things for you to see and do – it offers prestigious schools, cultural diversity and so much more. Here you will read several arguments as to why this Italian metropolis may be the right choice for your student days.

Get to Know the City

Being a newbie is never easy, especially when you move to a huge, strange new city, so the first step should be making some friends, and who is better for that than the Milanesi people. Being friends with the people who live in Milan their whole life will help you to get to know the city in the right way (to discover all of its secret places, for instance, or where the best food is served). If you are a food lover, some traditional dishes are a must-try, such as Polenta, Risotto alla Milanese and Panettone, to name a few. Also, Milan has some corners for nature lovers. For example, it showcases the latest developments in green architecture with Bosco Verticale, a forest in the sky that you must see.


Although architectural and art sights are not the first thing we think of when someone mentions Milan, this city has its beauties. For example, breathtaking Duomo, church Santa Maria delle Grazie which is home of the famous art piece Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. And, of course, let’s not forget the fashion, Milan Fashion Week is a perfect opportunity to get to know the fashion scene in Milan and in the world.

Good Position

When you’re done discovering charms of Milan, don’t despair – Milan’s great position is making possible for you to visit other marvelous European countries and cities, such as Austria, Monaco, Lyon, or to fly cheap with low-cost companies like WizzAir or RyanAir to a bit further destinations like Greece, Germany, etc. Therefore, if you love traveling and discovering new cities, studying in Milan will make your international student years full of excitement and dynamics.

Renowned Schools

Now, the most important thing for a student when choosing where to go to study is the right choice of university. Milan has its fair share of prestigious universities, so there is Bocconi for different Economic courses; Politecnico for engineering; Accademia di Brera for fine arts, and RM Istituto Moda e Design, a design school with progressive teaching approach, whose fundamental principle is learning by doing (for example, their new bachelor of arts degree in fashion design is offering students to work on projects for real-life clients lead by acclaimed professionals within the fashion industry ).   

Great Social and Nightlife Experience

Who doesn’t need a break from studying from time to time? When it comes to nightlife in Milan, this city won’t disappoint you – whether you’re a party-all-night or dinner-with-friends type of a person, Milan has it all. Music concerts, clubs, restaurants, movie theatres, local bars – you name it. Even if you are a bit tight with money, don’t worry, in Milan, you can always find a nice wallet-friendly place to mingle with your friends.

Easy-to-use Public Transportation

There are many ways to move around the city, and Milan has a well-organized public transport, which can take you almost anywhere in Milan. Subway, buses and trams are working the whole day, usually until midnight and even later on weekends, so even if you get stuck in the city for longer than you have planned, you won’t have a problem going back home. You can also get a discounted monthly student tickets, or if you find the apartment in a good location, you can always walk to where you need to go and use public transportation only if you’re going somewhere further.

Being an international student is exciting and full of fun experiences and, considering all the things listed above, Milan imposes itself as a perfect place for international students. Prestigious universities, amazing social and nightlife, great fashion and architecture are just a part of great things that are waiting for you if you choose to spend your studies in Milan.


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Written by JenniferHahn