Experience True Christmas Magic at the Santa Claus Village in Finland

Experience True Christmas Magic at the Santa Claus Village in Finland

Hold on! Were you just about to break the news to your kids that Santa Claus isn’t real? Well, don’t do that. What if we told you, the mysterious old man with a huge white beard and a big pot belly who climbs down your chimney every Christmas to deliver your kids presents, actually exists? Not only that, we know exactly where he lives.

You see, the precise location of Santa’s house is unknown (though rumour has it it’s somewhere in the Northpole), but in 1985, Santa rode on his sleigh pulled by  Reindeers all the way to Rovaniemi, Finland and set up the Santa Claus Village. A place filled with magic and wonder that’s open to the public. A place where you and your kids can actually have a chat with Santa and sit on his lap too.

Santa Claus Village isn’t your ordinary run of the mill theme park. The place actually looks and feels like the magical Finnish-style Santa villages you see in Christmas movies. It offers a transportive experience filled with joy, wonder, and discovery right from the moment you enter.

For starters, the Arctic Circle cuts right through the village. There’s a white line drawn across the park, cross that line and you’re officially in the Arctic area. The line has become a popular photography spot amongst tourists. But your kids aren’t going to be interested in that. What they are going to love is sledging down the snowy hill for hours end, which you can do at the village as well. In fact, there are plenty of outdoor activities fit for kids and the whole family. And once you start to feel cold, you can head over to dedicated traditional-esque tents where you could cosy up with your loved ones around a warm fire.

But the highlight, of course, is Santa Claus’ Office. Located inside the main building of the village, Santa’s Office is where you should head to if you’d like to take a picture with Papa Christmas himself or just have a nice little chat with the man. Believe it or not, it is said that Santa will know and call out all the names of your kids as you approach him for a picture.

However, note that Santa will not be in his office throughout the day. After all, he is a very, very busy man as he needs to go through the naughty or nice list consisting of millions of kids’ names from across the globe before preparing presents alongside his tiny Elfs. So, be sure to check when are his dedicated “office hours” when you plan your trip.

Once the sun sets and night hits, Santa Claus Village is also the perfect place to witness the magnificent Northern Lights (AKA Aurora Borealis), whose Shiny mint green pierces the night sky above the village. The lights can be observed for about 150 nights in a year, starting from mid-August until early April.

Santa Claus Village is open all year round. But the best time to visit the place is during the Christmas period. A month before the snowy holiday, Santa Claus will declare the Christmas season open at the Santa Claus Village and the festivities will swing into full gear. It’s the busiest period in Rovaniemi but it’s also the most fun, as tourists from all over the world gather to experience the true magic of Christmas at Santa’s second home.

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