Exploring the Interior of Jim Thompson House in Bangkok

Exploring the Interior of Jim Thompson House in Bangkok

While in Bangkok, paying a visit to the Jim Thompson House might prove a worthwhile experience.

The story of Jim Thompson and his mysterious end is actually tied to Malaysian history, as the American silk mogul disappeared while visiting Cameron Highlands in 1967. He was a former architect and he also collected antiques and displayed them in the home he designed himself.

To get into Jim Thompson House, there is an entrance fee of 200 baht, inclusive of a guided tour in English. No photographs are allowed while inside the house.

After keeping your shoes and other belongings in the lockers provided, you will be ushered into the house. The tour will bring all visitors throughout the huge house, where the bedroom, living room, gardens and other parts of the house will be visited. The furniture are the original ones and the arrangements were never changed. Or so you will be told.

Apart from that, the house also has traditional performance such as traditional dance and there is also demonstration being shown on how to make silk clothing. Jim Thompson’s personal collections and artworks are also being displayed.

Thompson’s house also has a gallery that shows how the silk industry in Thailand was revived under his purview.

So, in short, the Jim Thompson House is a hybrid of museum and gallery, dedicated to Mr. Jim Thompson who was never been found. His legacy continues to this day and Thai silk industry is still flourishing as a result of his efforts.

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Written by Khai & Amira

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