Family-friendly Things to Do in Dubai

Family-friendly Things to Do in Dubai

Are you looking for a family-approved holiday destination? There could be no better place than Dubai. It is a world-class city that delivers unmatchable luxury, stellar hospitality, a great shopping experience, exciting water parks, high-octane activities and Instagram-worthy attractions. Traditional to modern, natural to man-made, Dubai flaunts its cutting-edge technology, innovative approach, and futuristic thoughts. With hundreds of things to do in Dubai with family, you would make countless memories.

 Why spend your time ruminating over what to do? Here we have handpicked the top 10 family-friendly things to do in Dubai:

1. Dubai Parks and Resorts

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Either wanting to relive childhood dreams with Legos or meet your favourite superstars, Dubai Parks and Resorts will fulfil your wishes. Consisting of 3 theme parks and a water park, it is the Middle East’s largest integrated theme park destination. In a fully-featured amusement park, you can observe the diverse dance styles, feel the power-packed performances of Bollywood in the form of rides, visit the adventurous world of Columbia Pictures, and build Lego cars.

2. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Hike the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa and marvel at the breathtaking views of the city from the highest vantage point. Take the tour to the 124th and 125th floor, which offers panoramic experience, telescopic view, green screen photography, glass floor, and Arabic interior. The free-standing structure is also home to lofty lounges, award-winning restaurants, residences, and official complexes.

3. Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain

Located in the foothill of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed fountain. Watching it in the evening is one of the fanciest things to do in Dubai with family. The dazzling spectacle is the treat for senses that reaches the maximum height of 900ft. With the 6,600 WET Superlights and 25 colour projectors, the fountain performs a visual spectrum on classical to contemporary music. Grab the front-row seats as you hop on the boat ride.

4. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Set out on a shopping spree at Dubai Mall. Be it the princess frock for your kid, a new laptop for yourself, or gold jewellery for your mother — shop from the latest brands from across the world at Dubai Mall. It is not your usual shopping mall; here you can watch the two-floored waterfall, colossal dinosaur ruin, play at VR Park, ski at Dubai Ice Rink, and watch a movie at Reel Cinemas. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Dubai with family that contains 33,000 marine animals, a 48-m walkthrough tunnel, and opportunities to meet sharks up-close.

5. Desert Safari Dubai

desert safari Dubai

An adventurous excursion that ticks off Bedouin cultural activities, desert safari Dubai is the best getaway from the buzzing metropolis lifestyle. Travellers can enjoy dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, falconry, hot air balloon ride and camel riding in the expansive golden desert. The desert is rich in exclusive flora and fauna. In the second leg of the safari, SUV will take you to the campsite where you can revel in live shows, eat a 5-star Arabic buffet, and spend the night under the starlit sky.

6. Atlantis Aquaventure

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

To get your adrenaline rushing, make your way through the longest, fastest and tallest slides of the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. It is a 22-hectare of record-breaking fun, suitable for all ages. The whole clan can sit in a 6-seater tube that defies gravity or ride the world’s largest tube-waterslide. Race your siblings, check out the scariest slides, blast through dark caves, and go for thrill-seeking cliff jumps. Later, catch your breath and unwind at the 1km or private beach.

7. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Do you have a history buff in your family? Flock to the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood where you can discover what life in Old Dubai was like, during the mid-19th century. Explore the winding streets of Al Fahidi, the brown doors, open courtyards, galleries and museums. As you cross each alley, you get to know the stories behind them. The landmarks include Symposium House, Calligraphy House, Coins Museum and Arabic Tea House.

8. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Truly a floral paradise, Dubai Miracle Garden is the biggest natural flower garden you’ll ever come across. Incredibly magnificent in all its arrangements and layouts, the garden will leave you mesmerized at every turn. From Emirates Airbus to Floating Lady, floral castle to Mickey Mouse, each rendition is unique and jaw-dropping. There are also weekly events, restaurants, shops, cabanas to make it feel more than just a casual garden stroll.

9. Dhow Cruise Marina

Dhow Cruise Marina

Sail across Dubai’s ever-growing skyline on a dhow cruise in Marina. In the 2-hr sightseeing trip, you will admire the live entertainment and tuck in a delicious meal. The canal lights will create eye-catching illumination in the water and the whole city will appear like fireflies in a jar. As the cruise glides, you will come across a manmade lagoon, landmarks like Cyan Towers, a fantastic promenade, and plenty of restaurants.

10. Kite Beach 

Kite Beach

Dubai is not just about sky-piercing architecture, but also a long coastline that has white sands and turquoise water. Kite Beach is the best family beach in Dubai that has a range of water sports, like kitesurfing and wakeboarding, offering an edge to vacation. There is a children’s park, food trucks, high-quality watersports equipment, a jogging track and numerous facilities to help you enjoy a hassle-free evening time.


Overall, Dubai makes sure that both parents and kids have a wonderful stay. So, the next time you are in the city, do check these boxes for unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

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Written by Pranita Purohit