Family Hotels in Malaysia You Need to Check Out

Family Hotels in Malaysia You Need to Check Out

There’s this mentality that once you start having kids of your own, you’ll face lots of limitations when it comes to travel and entertainment. This is evidently not the case in terms of hotels, where sometimes family hotels can be even more fun than regular hotels. Let’s take a look at some of these family hotels throughout Malaysia that provides good clean fun for the whole family.

Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre—Kuala Lumpur

Located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre is perfect for urban families, especially their 2-Bedroom Family Residence. In the bedroom for the parents, the adults have privacy and a workplace to get their work done. In the children’s side, they have a bunk bed for two, and best of all, a PlayStation console with preloaded games, which provides fun for both kids and adults alike. There’s even a fully-equipped kitchen as well for those who want to cook for the family.

  • Contact: 03-2170 8888

Karak Orchard Resorts—Pahang

We have previously featured Karak Orchard Resorts before in our article on travelling to Pahang. Apart from pleasing durian lovers with their extensive range of durians from their own orchard, kids (and the young at heart) would get a kick out of visiting their cool dinosaur park featuring lifelike statues of dinosaurs that visitors are free to pose and take pictures with. Other fun activities for children include horseriding, fish feeding, and an animal farm for kids to get close to some interesting animals like turkeys and peacocks.

  • Contact: 012-730 8919

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort—Perak

Similarly, in our article on travelling to Perak, we have featured another excellent family hotel, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. What’s great about this place is that they have several parks for you to choose from: Laketown Waterpark, Laketown Ecopark, Laketown Adventure Park, and Laketown Recreation Park. Each of these parks features a different set of activities, and kids especially love the Waterpark. There’s also paintball for older kids and young adults who don’t mind a bit of a bruising.

  • Contact: 05-890 8888

LEGOLAND Hotel—Johor

No list about family hotels in Malaysia is complete without at least a mention of LEGOLAND Hotel in Johor. It is the ultimate dream come true for many kids and adult fans of LEGO. The hotel itself has four different themes for you to choose from: Pirate, Adventure, Kingdom, and Ninjago. Each of these themes transforms the bedroom into a fantasy world where both children and their parents can immerse themselves into, and they also include a treasure box in each room that contains a LEGO gift for those who unlock it. Of course, the rooms alone are not the main attraction; LEGOLAND includes several attractions, including their Theme Park, the LEGOLAND Water Park, and SEA LIFE Malaysia that just opened last year.

  • Contact: 07-597 8888

Hard Rock Hotel Penang—Penang

Unless you are already familiar with Hard Rock Hotel, you will never guess that it is actually one of the best family hotels with amenities for family members of all ages, including infants! There’s the Lil’ Rockers Infants Club for children under three years old where they have educational toys and games and a mini playhouse among other things to keep the infants preoccupied, though they need to be accompanied by at least one guardian. For kids between four and twelve years old, they get to join the Roxity Kids Club where they get to hang out with the colourful mascots of Hard Rock Hotel, the Roxtars. They have various activities planned throughout the day, including English language activities, arts & crafts, dance class, and watching movies. Teenagers will be thrilled to know that they are invited to the TABU Teens Club where they can play pool or foosball indoors, or even play video games as the hotel would also provide an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 upon request. And for the adults, there are many different amenities such as a spa, a gym, swimming pool, etc.

  • Contact: 04-8811 711

So there we go, those are five family hotels in Malaysia that you need to check out with your family. Let us know in the comments which one is your family’s favourite!

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