Family trip in Sabah

Family trip in Sabah

Sabah is famous for its beautiful beaches, fantastic diving sites, tropical rainforests and of course the famous Mount Kinabalu. It is a good place for vacation.

Desa Dairy Farm

When we stepped into the Desa Dairy Farm, it really felt like we were in New Zealand. Sure enough, it was called “Malaysia’s New Zealand”. In addition to taking landscape photos with family, we also take photos with farm animals or delicious desserts produced on the farm.

Pulau Manukan

Pulau Manukan has a beach paradise with long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Our whole family unanimously decided to go to Pulau Manukan to enjoy the sun, sea and sea breeze.

Fefukan Waterfall

Fefukan Waterfall is one of the most unique and beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. When you go to Fefukan Waterfall, you must find a guide. The possibility of getting lost in the jungle is very high. I can sit by the waterfall and watch it all day without getting bored.

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Written by Hayden Jak