Flying Safe with Malaysia Airports

Flying Safe with Malaysia Airports

Everybody is wondering if it is safe to travel again, especially when daily cases remain in 4-digit figures. The silver lining behind the cloud, however, is that the vast majority of these cases are from large clusters, such as factories and construction sites involving hundreds, if not over a thousand people at a time. Thus, it can still be said that the current standard operating procedures (SOP) of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) are effective at limiting infections among the general public. That is why the government is confident enough to now allow interstate travel with the only exceptions being the areas under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) due to the severity of the cases there. With that said, we are all wondering if flying safe during this pandemic is possible. Malaysia Airports wishes to reassure everybody that the continued safety of everyone is their priority, thus they have taken several steps to ensure the health and safety of everyone who enters their airports.

Face Masks

Following the SOPs set by the CMCO, face masks are mandatory for everyone, including workers and visitors. Face masks are also available at vending machines conveniently located just outside the building, so those who may have forgotten or accidentally left their face masks at home could purchase them on the spot before entering.

Temperature Scanning

Temperature scanners help to detect if anyone has a body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or above, which is a sign of having a fever, one of the symptoms of having COVID-19. Instead of individuals having to line up and scan their foreheads one by one, Malaysia Airports employs sophisticated body temperature scanners to scan visitors as they walk through the doors of the airports. Just in case someone manages to slip past the body scanners, officers in the airport are also equipped with high-tech smart screening helmets that detect body temperatures on the go.

Social Distancing

One of the key aspects of the CMCO SOPs is social distancing, where everyone is encouraged to maintain a distance of at least 1 metre apart from each other. This is to minimise the chances of water droplets from one possibly-infected person making contact with another. To make sure that flying safe is a reality for everyone during this time, sneeze guards are installed at processing counters to provide added protection. In addition to that, the latest technology for self-service check-ins at the terminal are also employed, including contactless facial recognition and contactless security screening. Guidelines on distancing are placed everywhere, and social distancing markers are also placed throughout the airport to serve as reminders for everyone. If you somehow get caught up in the excitement and forget to practice social distancing, you will be given friendly reminders by roving safety officers.

Safer Travel Retail

Of course, one of the key aspects of air travel is travel retail, where passengers are given access to travel-exclusive and duty-absorbed items. Malaysia Airports provides for a safer retail experience with easy to use contact tracing applications that only require one to scan a QR code. Cashless payment is also encouraged to minimise contact between customers and retailers.


The most important aspect of flying safe is the hygiene of the airport. Hand sanitisers are provided to allow everyone to keep their hands clean at all times. Comprehensive disinfection throughout the airport is carried out at least 8 times a day to ensure the highest level of sanitisation. This includes using the advanced dry-mist fumigation disinfectant which kills 99% of microorganisms, installing UV escalator handrail sterilisers, and employing atomising fog machines, blu-ray anion nano spray guns and micromist blowers.

Malaysia Airports wishes to assure everyone that they are committed to keeping you safe. You can always visit the airports with peace of mind and plan your flights to visit any of the non-EMCO areas.

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