Gok/Bau, Jeniang, Kampung Gading

Research carried out at Sungai Batu uncovered a complete kiln, left with the base. The kiln that was discovered with its ‘tuyere’ at Kampung Gading, Jeniang, also provides a rough pictorial image of kilns used at Sungai Batu. Sediments and traces of coal discovered in the kiln dates from the 4th Century (1600 years ago) to the 12th Century (800 years ago). Although the distance between Sungai Batu and Jeniang were 40 km apart, the iron/ore smelting industry occurred around the same time. This distance indicated that the dynasty involved in the iron industry was more than 1000 sq feet.

* Mud kiln with its tuyere found intact at Kampung Gading, Jeniang 40 km northeast of Sungai Batu. Also depicts a possible shape of kilns used at Sungai Batu.

Getting Here

By Road
Use the North-South Expressway. If you are driving from Kuala Lumpur, follow the route to the Kedah in the north. If you are driving from Perlis or Alor Setar, follow the road leading south. This site is situated 10 km from Sungai Petani and 80 km from Alor Setar. It is situated in an oil palm estate near the Merbok –Semeling road.

Who To Contact

Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum

Phone: +04-457 2005
Fax: +04-457 4635
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Jabatan Warisan Negara Zon Utara


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