Gotta Still Catch ‘Em All in KL

There was a time when Malaysians freed themselves from their sticky couches and flooded the parks, some walked aimlessly, some sprinting after a discovery, some joining in a batch of excited runners.

Indeed, those were the days where Pokemon Go craze swept the nation. Even though the hype fell drastically after a year (with the exception of hardcore retired old folks still passionately hunting in the late afternoon), there has been a revival of late.

With the release of new gens, shinies, legendaries, raid system, friendship mechanic, events, and quests, some are gradually back in the game. That means back to exploring in the wild and looking for parks with nests suitable for a casual stroll-cum-finger swiping regime.


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Here’s a hotspot where you can really spot loyal fans roaming about, especially doing Community Days where featured Pokemons are almost ubiquitous. If you think you can beat the heat, just circle the enormous park that has plenty of Pokestops to keep your inventory replenished, and occasionally stopping by the mall for an orgasmic artificial cool breeze.


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Taman Jaya

Once a breeding ground of the iconic Pikachu, the dormant Taman Jaya park, was swarmed with Pika-fans of all ages. Parked cars narrowing the lanes of the vast road prompting passersby to exclaim, “Must be for Pokemon.” Now it’s a peaceful, shady ground where you can do little bit of jog while catching some water and land mons.


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Desa ParkCity

Enjoy a mix of virtual pets and real ones. The tranquil lake provides a rejuvenating sensation as you stroll and try to throw a curve ball without tripping and tumbling into the waters. With majestically groomed dogs prancing along with their proud owners, this place will have you investing your sight on both the app and the scenery.


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Damansara Uptown

During happening hours, switch on the app and you’re sure to witness a festival of Sakuras on the map. Technically those are lures activated at the countless Pokestops. Yeah, literally the perimeter is surrounded by the stops that some players actually cruised around to spin, catch and of course hatch their eggs.


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Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

A recreational park with a large lake as its main attraction, designed for dwellers of bustling KL seeking respite. Apart from catching, it’s also an ideal location to hatch your eggs as the park offers bikes for rent. So just keep the pedaling under 40km/h and you’ll see the anticipated hatching animation in no time!

While you are completing your Pokedex in unfamiliar territory, just be mindful of where you should or should not be catching. Good luck trainers!


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