Halloween in Malaysia: Spooky Surprises Happening This Month!

Halloween in Malaysia: Spooky Surprises Happening This Month!

Halloween used to be a fun tradition that’s only done in certain countries such as the UK and the US. However, thanks to Hollywood and the influx of American media, most Malaysians are made aware of the celebration of Halloween. A few things come to mind: dressing up as monsters or witches, going door-to-door trick-or-treating, and getting lots and lots of candy.

Debated Origins

Halloween has been said to be based on the Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated at around the same time. However, not much reliable info for Samhain is known as the only sources available are either folkloric literature or Roman authors notorious for slandering other cultures that they do not like. 

Historically, a Christian holiday called All Saints’ Day—called All Hallows’ Day in Middle English—was declared in 609 AD by Pope Boniface IV to be celebrated on 13 May in honour of the Christian martyrs and saints. Sometime later during the eighth century, Pope Gregory III moved the feast to 1 November; whether or not this was simply to coincide with the Celtic festival is not clear. Thus, 31 October, the evening before All Hallows’ Day came to be known as Hallows’ Evening, and eventually Halloween.

Halloween Today

Halloween today is neither pagan nor Christian, as it is celebrated without any of the associated spirituality. Instead, it is simply a lighthearted time of fun and enjoyment for all ages, but especially for children.

Costumes are no longer limited to scary monsters or wicked witches as Halloween costumes of all kinds can be found, from funny ones like a giant hotdog or a walking cup noodle to amazingly cool ones like Star Wars characters. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, a morbid twist may be introduced to otherwise innocuous icons, such as zombified Disney princesses.

Short History of Halloween in Malaysia

A few years ago, it used to be that Halloween in Malaysia was just a relatively unpopular event limited to small promotions by shopping malls and celebrated by a tiny number of expats and their friends. However, in recent years, many establishments have gotten in on the Halloween craze. Many restaurants and bars have started having Halloween themes, from decorations to performances and even special Halloween-themed food for the occasion.

LEGOLAND Malaysia—Halloween Brick-or-Treat

For the past few years, LEGOLAND Malaysia has held the annual Halloween Brick-or-Treat event in the same vein as its overseas counterparts in the US and the UK. This event includes all manner of Lego-style Halloween fun, including Halloween Special Shows, Meet and Greet with various Lego monster characters, trick-or-treating at candy carts, and even a Kids Costume Contest. What’s more, for this year, children in costume are given free entry into the LEGOLAND Theme Park, Water Park and Aquarium during Brick-or-Treat from 3 October to 1 November 2020! What a treat! But what’s the trick? No tricks this time: each costumed child can get a free entry only if they are accompanied by one paid adult, whether it’s the Day Ticket or the Annual Pass.

Here’s a full guide to their shows for you to plan ahead before your visit:

Luretta D.O.P. Italian Deli—Apericena Halloween Party

The well-known Italian restaurant in 1 Utama, Luretta D.O.P. Italian Deli, has a monthly event called the Apericena where sharing platters of starters, pasta, mains and desserts are served for socialising with wines and cocktails. This October, they are kicking it up a notch with their Halloween theme, touting a “horrorlicious party of great food, wine, music and fun”. Coming this 16 October, book fast if you want to reserve a seat or table, including a free flow of food and four glasses of wine of your choice.

The Story Book—A Teeny Tiny Halloween, The Pied Piper Halloween Party, The Witches Halloween Party

Goodness me! The Story Book, a storybook-themed event space, is organising not one, not two, but three different events for this Halloween: A Teeny Tiny Halloween, The Pied Piper Halloween Party, and The Witches Halloween Party. The Story Book provides book-based storytelling events for children, both young and old. It is not your average storytelling, as it includes interactive activities, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the experience, literally becoming part of the story. A Teeny Tiny Halloween is a storytelling and craft workshop for small children from 3 to 6 years old, and children are allowed to bring home their Halloween craft after the event. Both The Pied Piper Halloween Party and The Witches Halloween Party include storytelling based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin and The Witches by Roald Rahl respectively, as well as trick-or-treating, a Halloween costume party, and other activities. Each activity has limited places, so if you are interested in giving your kids a magical experience, contact them fast.

Metro Point—We Won’t Bite You (Blood Drive)

Metro Point, the shopping complex in Kajang, is also organising a Halloween event this year, but with a twist. From 23 to 25 October, a blood drive called We Won’t Bite You, a reference to the blood-sucking vampire Dracula, will be held at the shopping complex. On 24 October, a science experiment workshop will be conducted to explain how lava lamps were created. On 25 October, an art & craft workshop will be conducted to teach participants how to make spooky face shields. Those who join the workshops on the 24th and 25th would enjoy a treat from Metro Point. This Halloween, it is good not only to receive candy, but also to give blood for a good cause.

And there we go, those are some of the upcoming spooky but spectacular Halloween events happening in Malaysia. Do you know of other events coming up? Let us know in the comments!

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